Wednesday, 28 November 2012

With The Exciting Zombie Run Dallas Runner Will Have A Ton Of Fun

By Kari Ratliff

Once again, enthusiastic runners are looking forwards to the Zombie run Dallas is hosting. Many people are still not familiar with what this event is all about. These are fun races against the "undead", along with some fun challenges in the streets of the city. The races are usually between 3 and 5km long and should be completed within 3 hours.

The story of the race starts with Captain Cooley discovering the way to stop the undead epidemic. For participants to get the cure, they must first collect weapons and decipher the instructions, which are often in a different language. Races usually start on Swiss Avenue at the Church, where the teams pay a registration fee.

Before the race, all participants are given a belt with flags, each flag represents the runner's health status. The task of the zombies is to collect all the flags. Once a participant has lost their "life" they are then deemed "infected". Along the race participants will find numerous bonus health flags which must be carried to the end line in order to be saved, if they don't, they do not qualify to finish, since they are infected.

In the beginning of the race, all participants get clues that will lead them to the challenges around the city. These can be in the form of short workouts or trivia questions. Each activity forces the participant to use their thinking skills as well as strength, all while outrunning the zombies who are in hot pursuit. When running this exciting race, it is important to remember that the "undead" are everywhere, so look out for them, even at the various check points.

For every team, the path on the race is different, as they are able to decide on the route they wish to follow, as long as they complete all the challenges before going back to the Survival Headquarters. When the race is finished, the uninfected participants are able to attend the post-apocalyptic party. The participants that got their brains eaten or landed up being infected during the race can also attend the party as zombies.

The race will certainly be on, even if it is raining or has rained the night before, so bring your trainers and be prepared. The participants must be 15 years old, or older, to be able to run the race. Individuals that are younger can walk the length of the race, in cases of a person being younger than 7 years old, they can be accompanied by a guardian, or their parents.

All participants must register before the race. They will also need to bring an ID photo, as well as a signed signed waiver that is normally found on the organizers website. All participant running as zombies are required to be in their costumes at registration. Racers are also allowed to wear costumes, as long as they don't limit movement during the race. It is important to keep in mind that most of these races are organized with the aim to raise funds for charity, and all money made is considered a donation, so there will be no refunds on registration fees.

The "undead" will not have physical contact with the racers, except when they retrieve the flags. When doing the Zombie run Dallas participants can expect to have a fun filled day with lots of action around every corner. Although these races are not certified, participants will still receive a small memento to take home.

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