Sunday, 18 November 2012

Can You Prevent Hypertensive Disease?

By John Renu

You will not be surprised to know that every third American is subjected to the hypertensive disease which is therefore among the top life threatening diseases of the modern day and the number of people experiencing the disease increase by about 1% annually. The incidence is not only observed more in African-American descendants compared to the Mexican-American race, but also among the general population as a whole in the developing and developed countries.

The modern day competitive situation in every walk of life fraught with undue mental stress and strain creates more and more tense situation, the scientific studies reveal. The sedentary working conditions and minimum physical activity otherwise escalate the chances of onset of the disease. Of course, you can prevent, delay or control the disease as the case may be, if you comply with healthy lifestyle with regular monitoring of the required medical parameters especially if you are in the middle age group.

In fact, it is alarming to know that hypertensive disease has a cyclic effect commencing with high blood pressure which leads to ischemic heart requiring the heart muscles to exert in supply of regular and smooth pumping of blood. Should there be any shortage of oxygen in the blood to the vital organs, you will notice swelling in the legs and anorexia which may cause of loss of nutrition and proteins in the body which might trigger malfunctioning of the kidney and also the liver. Thus, to ensure sufficient amount of blood supply to the body, the enlarged left ventricle has to work hard.

In case you experience symptoms of headache, breathlessness, blurred vision for a longer period, it is time to seek a medical opinion who may suggest the basic tests like ECG and/or echo-cardiogram or even stress test. In case of chronic cases, perhaps CT scans, calcium-score heart scan or coronary CT angiography also may be required. In order to know the functioning of heart from outside, MRI may be required or Pericardiocentesis to know the contents of fluids in the heart in some cases.

Though the above position is alarming, you can lead a normal healthy life without straining your purse if you slightly alter your habits and ensure

Jogging and aerobic exercises, no tobacco in any form, lmited alcohol consumption, 8 glasses of water per day, reduction of saturated fats in the diet, more fruits and vegetables and minimize sodium diet.

If you are able to observe all the simple tips, you will maintain a healthy body requiring no medication at all and to avoid angioplasty, bypass or the pacemaker to keep the rhythm and pace of the heart beat which is the treatment for hypertensive disease.

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