Thursday, 29 November 2012

Pure Tamanu Oil And Its Many Benefits

By Muriel Noel

Found in Southeast Asia, pure tamanu oil is a topical ointment that is associated with various benefits. In many parts of the world it is a highly valuable commodity. This is due to the fact that the tree after which it is named blooms annually for a very short duration. This makes the production of the oil an expensive and time-consuming activity.

Tamanu oil is used throughout the world for numerous reasons. In the Fiji islands and Polynesia, it is commonly sought after for the purpose of healing skin disorders. This is probably due to the fact that it is able to enhance new skin cell production

Those living in the Pacific islands have used such oil for centuries. Islanders state that they use it to cure chronic or acute pain and heal cuts on their skin. In addition, its proponents claim that it improves dry skin and eczema, and takes the sting out of even the most severe of sunburns.

Some islanders rub the oil onto their necks to alleviate sore throat pain. Many people have also reported that the oil is an effective treatment for arthritis, sciatic pain, neuralgia and gout. However, further studies are needed concerning its use for these conditions.

The product is used as a cosmetic ingredient, as well. It gives many cosmetics their silky texture and pleasant fragrance. Unlike traditional products of this type, those containing pure tamanu oil are not prone to caking or clumping. In addition, once absorbed, makeup that contains such oil leaves one's skin feeling softer and smoother.

Additional uses include the treatment of headaches and diaper rash. In some areas of the world, the oil is used as an insect repellent, as well. Studies are also currently underway to examine the oil's antibacterial ingredients.

As studies continue, it is likely that more uses for pure tamanu oil will be discovered. However, it is not wise to replace traditional medications or treatments with holistic supplements. In addition, one should discuss the use of any new dietary supplement or alternative treatment with his or her health care practitioner.

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