Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Here Are Some Superfoods to Boost Your Immune System

By Abe Funez

In order to have good health, you need to have a strong immune system. Naturally, this is pretty common knowledge. This is the reason so many people take care of their bodies and avoid germs. You keep your hands clean. You keep hand sanitizers handy to use when it isn't convenient to wash up with soap and water. You have a whole collection of supplements you take religiously every day and, when a friend or co-worker is ill, you keep your distance. What if the key to keeping your immune system healthy could be as simple as making sure that you ate some immune system 'superfoods'? Which foods are considered superfoods? We'll give you information on three superfoods that you should add to your diet that will keep your immune system strong.

Turkey, for reasons we'll explain below, has surfaced as a very powerful superfood for maintaining a strong immune system. I hate to be the bearer of bad new to vegans and vegetarians, but this is a proven fact. The reason turkey is so beneficial is because it contains high levels of glutamine; however, don't forget to include other healthy, lean meats in your diet also. Your white blood cells depend on glutamine to maintain their viability and health. It also increases your T cell count which is important when you want your body and your immune system to be as healthy as possible. One of the best superfoods found in nature are mushrooms. A scientific study done in The Netherlands verified that you can maintain your health and strengthen your immune system by eating mushrooms. When your health isn't good, your metabolites break down. This is where mushrooms can be very beneficial because they help with your digestion. Mushrooms are great because including them in our daily menu isn't difficult. You can chop or dice them up or put them through the food processor and then mix them into whatever you're cooking. Mushrooms are delicious even when eaten raw. They are very versatile!

Kale is great for your immune system, but it should be eaten raw. The best form of Vitamin C available is found in raw kale. Other benefits of kale include its high fiber and low sugar content. Raw kale is quite a lot better for you than cooked kale, because the cooking of the kale reduces the amount of vitamin C that you take in.

The lifestyle changes you can take to give your immune system a boost are numerous.

Exercise every day, if you can. It's recommended that the amount of water you drink is calculated like this: divide your weight in half and then consume that number of ounces each day. For instance, if you weight 100 pounds, you would want to drink at least 50 ounces of pure water daily. You can make sure that you eat a balanced diet. To protect yourself during flu season, or whenever you are exposed to someone's illness, eat the superfoods that will give your immune system a boost. This article has barely scratched the surface of superfoods you can use to boost your immune system. Do some research and you will discover more.

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