Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Important Information For Individuals Considering Gastric Bypass Baltimore

By Lynne Bonner

Individuals that struggle with obesity are undergoing weight loss surgery in record numbers. Recent news reports have shown there may be even better reasons to undergo the procedure. Still the decision to undergo gastric bypass Baltimore should be considered on a case by case study. gastric bypass Baltimore

Bariatric surgery helps people to lose weight and has several health benefits. The operation can decrease one's chance of heart attack or stroke by almost 1/3. Patients that lose weight see cholesterol counts drop reducing the risk of these often life threatening diseases.

Other studies also show the procedure an effective method of controlling blood sugar in diabetic patients. The process does not cause the side effects noted with the medication, such as weight gain, that can make diabetes and its effects worse. It offers a better control of blood sugar numbers. Many patients no longer require the use of diabetic medication.

Bariatric surgery results in an average of 23% of the patients body weight being lost within 2 years of the event. In addition, patients are able to maintain a major portion of their weight loss. Some 15 years after surgery, the average patient remains 16% lighter in weight. Without the surgery, the numbers remain a 0% and 1% respectively.

Bariatric surgery is not a guarantee of success. Some patients lose less weight than expected. Others have shown an initial weight loss and then gained all the weight back. However, for many, the surgery is a great start on a healthier way of living life.

The toll on a body due to a carrying about extra weight is often very great. Gastric bypass Baltimore provides an effective method of overcoming a weight problem. The procedure may help to risk many of the catastrophic diseases that often are more likely to strike the obese.

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