Monday, 19 November 2012

How To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

By Christa Destefano

You see all these amazing success accounts about losing weight. Whether it is your friend who has lost excess weight successfully or the "Biggest Loser" who shed a ludicrous degree of weight. Some individuals keep it off, quite a few people find themselves right back where they were before.

So why do some weight loss plans fail?

1.) "Diets" are short-term repairs. I would state that when 99% of folks choose to lose weight, they don't say, "I want to lose 20 lbs and then put it back on in 6 months, and after that lose 20 lbs again. No, you want it to get rid of it for good. When you're considering a program, picture yourself carrying it out for the long term. Can you see yourself taking that pill or drinking that shake for a month? Two months? Forever? Why don't you consider with exercise?

2.) They can cause you to be sick or hungry. Programs that severely limit particular sorts of foods from your diet can result in vitamin and mineral deficiencies in your body which can end up making you ill. And in addition they can make you hungry. You don't want to just cut calories, you should develop a calorie deficit which means you are using up more calories than you are taking in. Here is where exercise comes into play. By incorporating exercise you are improving your metabolism which puts your body in "fat-burning mode" and will help you slim down and/or cut up.

3.) You wind up drained. When you are dieting that requires you to reduce calories or food items from your diet, you don't have sufficient strength to finish every day tasks, let alone aiming to workout on top of it! And if you cut too many calories, you truly slow your metabolism which can make it more challenging to drop the weight.

4.) Diets are freakin tough! Now I'm not implying that good nutrition and exercise isn't usually hard. It will be, but I know at least for me personally, counting calories, depriving myself, being exhausted and then finding myself binging on junk food and feeling remorseful is just going to make me feel worse instead of better. And I know I won't get very far because if you're anything like me, you'll throw in the towel.

So what must you do to get it off and KEEP it off?

To lose weight and keep it off, you ought be aware that just like anything, it's going to take work and determination. If you take a supplement for two weeks to assist you to drop some weight, but haven't altered any of your eating habits or exercise behaviors, what do you think will occur when you stop taking that supplement?

If you would like to hear it or not, you have to make a lifestyle change. I am not saying you have to revamp everything at once- some individuals can do that and some can't. Sometimes you need to do things piecemeal!

If you are looking to drop extra pounds and get healthy, look for products that encourage that. Don't give up nutrition for weight loss, and don't abandon the exercise component. Enroll in my free newsletter at You'll get a weekly "challenge" to focus on better wellness. Try one every week or when you find one that works stick to it and make it a part of your way of living. It can be something as simple as use little plates! You'll also get a quick and nutritious recipe to test.

I also propose checking out the reviews. It's the program I endorse and my clients use. I used to drop over 30 lbs and two years later, I still use everyday for weight management and correct nutrition. The workout DVDs are excellent to do right at home, or if you're traveling they are easy enough to bring! Initially when I first started out making some health modifications I used workout DVDs 2-3 times per week and gradually increased my training intensity from there.

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