Thursday, 29 November 2012

Different Birth Control Methods To Discuss With An Ob Gyn

By Gloria Gardner

If you are sexually active, it is important to seek out a gynecologist for different birth control methods. When looking for an ob gyn Tracy women want to make sure they find one whom they are comfortable with. The gynecologist will then inform you of what birth control options are available and help you select one that is right for you. These are a few options that you can ask about.

One form of birth control is what is known as hormonal methods. Within the hormonal method you have several options available, including birth control pills, birth control patch, or even a shot. Some, like the birth control pill have to be taken daily, while others such as a shot can be taken once a year.

Something else that you can discuss with a gynecologist is the intrauterine device or IUD. With this method, a device will be inserted into the uterus, vaginally. This option is not for everyone though, and your gynecologist can help you determine if it would be right for you.

Sterilization is another option for those who are sure they will not want to have any more children. With this option the fallopian tubes are tied. This is a surgical procedure and it is also known as tubal ligation. This procedure is chosen by women who are certain they no longer want to become pregnant.

The most common method used by many people is what is known as barrier method. Condoms which are the most commonly used form of birth control falls under this method. Diaphragm and the female condom is also in this method. These however are options which must be used each time a person decides to have sex, in order to prevent pregnancy.

These are some of the many birth control options that are available. Your gynecologist will be able to discuss details, and which one he or she recommends. When looking for an ob gyn tracy women need to find one they are comfortable with. This will allow you to speak comfortable, in order to find the best option.

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