Saturday, 17 November 2012

A New Way Of Losing Weight With Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract

By John Raven

Raw coffee beans provide many health benefits. Unfortunately, they are normally roasted prior to the preparation of the popular beverage, a process that removes most of the beneficial effects. In the last couple of years, however, pure green coffee bean extract has attracted a lot of publicity, thanks mainly to clinical and biochemical studies that have confirmed its effectiveness in promoting weight loss. As a result, it is now widely available to the general public.

Some people have tried using ordinary coffee as a slimming aid, however, its effects are largely due to caffeine, which stimulates activity, but can also cause undesirable side effects as well as withdrawal symptoms. The available evidence shows that the green form achieves much better results, without the side effects, despite containing much less caffeine. It is another, more benign, compound that accounts for the benefits.

Green coffee contains a substance known as chlorogenic acid. The "chloro" part of the name has nothing to do with chlorine, but comes from the green color produced when it reacts with some other chemicals. Chlorogenic acid is decomposed by high temperatures, which means that it is not present in roasted beans. Thus, traditional coffee will not produce the same beneficial effects.

It has long been known that chlorogenic acid is a powerful natural antioxidant - that is, a substance that inhibits oxidation reactions in the body. These reactions produce chemicals known as free radicals, which can damage cells. They are thought to play a role in the aging process and in the development of cancer. Antioxidants are therefore regarded as beneficial compounds that can slow down aging and reduce the risk of cancer.

The feature of green coffee bean extract that has made the biggest splash is its use in achieving weight loss. A clinical trial involving two sets of volunteers, one using the extract and one not, found that the group given the extract lost, on average, 17 pounds, while the other group showed no significant weight loss. The study has been widely publicized and has resulted in great demand for this product.

So how does it work? It seems that chlorogenic acid slows down the rate at which glucose is released from the food we eat. Glucose is a simple sugar that is produced by the breakdown of more complex carbohydrate molecules. It provides the body with energy, but when energy requirements are low it is converted to fat. In other words, carbohydrate intake needs to be balanced by exercise to use up the glucose before it turns to fat. Chlorogenic acid makes this easier by reducing the rate at which glucose is produced.

The benefits of chlorogenic acid may not end there. At least two other effects have been observed. Firstly, it seems to increase the activity of the liver, allowing fats to be metabolized more quickly. Secondly, it appears to help maintain blood sugar at a steady level.

Pure green coffee bean extract is made by soaking raw beans rather than roasting them. This ensures that the active ingredients are not destroyed. The extract can be purchased online in capsule form.

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