Tuesday, 13 November 2012

What Is Gluten Free? All The Facts That Everyone Needs To Know

By Jamie Derivieres

What is Gluten Free? Many people are asking that question. The fact is that it is a specialized dietary plan that eliminates a protein compound that is commonly found in many foods. Although it is not at all harmful, many individuals have an adverse allergic reaction to it. The only method of avoiding such issues is by making a change in eating habits.

Rye, barley and wheat all have glutens in them. Anyone who has an allergy to these foods or suffers from celiac disease should stay away from products containing the substance. It may initially seem difficult to adhere to such a strict plan, but it's really not hard. There is a wide array of options available.

Switching to a diet that does not contain any of the substance should start with eliminating certain items. Remove white and wheat breads as well as pasta. In addition go through the pantry taking time to read all the product labels. Anything that says it has spelt, durum, semolina and seitan should be avoided. Nearly all prepackaged items will have glutens in them.

Restock the household with things that don't have glutens. The best items to get are fresh vegetables and fruits. They are all natural and do not contain anything that will irritate the digestive system of sufferers. Meat, dairy and eggs are also acceptable, but be careful not to purchase things that are heavily processed like ice cream.

Look for a section containing foods without the substance. Most stores have an area dedicated to such products. There are cake mixes, cookies and pastas that are made without anything that will spark symptoms.

What is gluten free? It is the elimination of a protein from a person's diet. Anyone who has allergies to the substance or celiac disease must avoid consuming it. Making the right changes will help reduce the digestive issues that are common with the problem.

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