Friday, 16 November 2012

Why Wheat Starch Can Destroy Your HCG Diet

By Dr. Dennis Clark

Many people are using the HCG diet to lose extra pounds and to keep them off. Yet, you need to be very careful about the things that you eat when you are on this type of program. Eating foods that contain wheat starch may be a bad idea and here are reasons why.

When you first start the HCG diet you must go though the loading phase and then comes the hard part. You consume very low calories and must be careful about the kind of foods that you eat. However, it is common to lose weight every day in a consistent manner with this kind of eating. Yet, this is not where many people make terrible mistakes.

Many people fail with their HCG diet maintenance plan. After all, this is something that you need to live with every day for the rest of your life. It is easy to tell someone never to eat any kind of wheat products. Yet, it is another thing to follow this instruction day in and day out.

When you eat wheat starch you are taking in carbohydrates that are rich in a sugar known as glucose. Wheat starch is easy for the body to digest, and one would think that is a good thing to eat. However, the fact that it digests easy is the reason you need to avoid it. These kinds of carbs cause your blood sugar levels to rapidly rise, and this is not good.

If you are trying to lose weight you should avoid sweets for several reasons. Sweets contain a lot of empty calories but they also make your blood glucose spike. However, eating a sandwich can cause blood sugar levels to spike as high as eating a sweet dessert. The higher something goes up the lower it will drop in proportion, and this is what happens with blood sugar levels.

When your blood glucose levels bottom out you get hungry as this signals the body that it is time to eat. However, it may have only been an hour or so since eating. This false sense of hunger is responsible for many people eating more calories than they need and is a major contributor to obesity.

If you would like to maintain weight loss with your HCG diet program you should try not to eat anything that contains wheat starch. Your blood sugar will not be prone to rapid rising and falling, and this will eliminate false hunger urges. You also will eliminate a lot of gluten from your diet, as many people are sensitive to gluten.

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