Tuesday, 27 November 2012

How To Let Your Child Enjoy Playing Competitive Tennis

By Davis Pete

If you child is good at tennis, do not be overly anxious over his performance. Let time and his own physical and mental development take care and form his tennis playing career. If he is good, some how things will fall into place.

Tip No 1: Try out your child by playing light balls or balloons with him or her. If he displays an ability to hit the balloons at a very young age, he shows the potential to have good hands for tennis. The ability to have good coordination is key as well.

Tip#2: Your child has a natural athletic ability i.e. he is able to move with good agility, without tripping over himself. Swiftness in feet is a plus when it comes to tennis as the game is played with much more power and speed these days. In tennis, it is the quickness over short distances which is crucial as opposed to long distance running.

Tip#3: A good hand to eye cor-ordination is crucial to all good tennis players. The natural ability to hit the ball with power and control is only found in the few, You can always try to train your child by throwing and rolling balls at him. Letting him hit the ball with a racket or a bat may be a good way to practice at the toddler age.

Tip#4: Teaching your child mental strength is not easy but it has to be done if your kid wants to excel in tennis. This is because tennis is very much won in the mind. Physical prowess is a given but someone with similar physical attributes will perform better if he is mentally calm and strong.

Tip#5: It is in fact a strong body that will beget a strong mind. When one is physically strong, your mind will be at ease and will allow you to focus better on the match. Proper physical fitness is key to a tennis player's ability to win.

Tip#6: Choosing a tennis coach is also critical in ensuring your son has a sound start in tennis. Go for coaches with experience and the necessary level of skills. Watch how the coach interacts with your kid.

Tip#7: As a parent, do not push your child too hard if you find that he may not have the natural aptitude towards the game. Instead, let him enjoy the sense of competition and building a lasting friendship with his fellow competitors. It is much more healthy than sitting in front of the computer. Tennis enhances the overall mental and physical well-being of the child.

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