Sunday, 25 November 2012

Why Have Kettlebells Become So Popular?

By Rob Sutter

What are kettlebells? Why is it so popular? Without a doubt it, the word itself sounds fly. It is not the latest fitness item out on the market but it certainly seems like it. Some have been proclaimed as the latest fitness craze. Actually, it has been around for quite some time now. It may amaze you to know that it has been used for years in Eastern Europe as part of their strength training regimen and has gradually made its way here in the West where it is rapidly gaining popularity within the fitness community. Not simply weights; these are more than that.

Fitness gurus the world over are quite busy designing creative ways to satisfy the demand for kettlebell workout regimens. Kettlebells is the thing to use in order to develop core strength much in the same manner as Pilates. The importance of core strength cannot be dismissed lightly as it is directly related to improved coordination and balance. Although body balance, coordination, and balance are important physiological markers of fitness they both diminish as one ages. Another gain from implementing kettlebell training is improved stamina levels. I don't know of a single person who would complain about having more stamina. This is something that we can all use a bit more of and authorities like Lorna accentuate this fact.

Regardless of where you stand as far as fitness or age is concerned, kettlebell routines have the same potential of success for everyone. When one performs movements with kettlebells, they are akin to mundane activities like farm work. I suppose the one positive these weights have is that you don't have to necessarily wake up early to use them. One's lower back, legs, and shoulders are bettered because of this form of workout as well. In addition, unlike your typical dumbbell, kettlebell weights reach out further than simply the hand.

Interestingly enough, it looks much like a bowling ball with a handle attached to it. Others have characterized it as a cannonball with a handle. Irrespective of the image association of kettlebells, it is made of cast iron and it is very similar in function to traditional dumbbells with the exception that it strengthens groups of muscles simultaneously instead of one or two isolated muscle groups. The exercises coupled with these weights are ballistic and are a combo of cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. The individual weight ranges that are available are closely correlated to those found with traditional dumbbells. Make sure to select a weight that is suited to your fitness level. Strain will not help gain strength. Choose a beginning weight that challenges you; make sure that it doesn't throw your back out of whack.

It is important for all fitness enthusiasts out there to be aware that kettlebells are not designed for those who have back or shoulder problems and these individuals should avoid using them in their individualized workouts. One should confer this issue with your physical therapist before you begin any exercise program involving these weights. Therefore, this should not be used as a tool for those undergoing physical therapy with these unique issues. However, for the rest of the population this is a welcome supplement to any fitness exercise regimen. If your goal is overall fitness than kettlebells is the answer!

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