Sunday, 4 November 2012

Valuable Information About Common Runners Injuries

By Marcy Becker

People run for various reasons such as to lose weight, keep fit or as a professional career. This sporting activity is a good physical exercise as it ensures faster loss of calories. As it is the nature of any athletic activity, injuries have to be present. Therefore the information below provides an understanding of the common runners injuries and how to prevent them.

Among the common wounds as a result of this activity is the plantar fasciitis. This problem occurs as a result of over training or going beyond limits that one can handle. These stress leads to tearing of plantar fascia tissue. To minimize the risk of such an occurrence, people should stop over training, put on the right support shoes and weight loss.

The runners knee is the other injury encountered when running. It is caused by too much stress on the knees without enough resting time. Other contributing factors to this condition can be poor quality shoes, weak hip muscles among other factors. To avoid this problem, individuals should ensure to always warm up before beginning to run, wearing correct sports shoes and ensure to get enough rest after training.

Occurrence of a shin splint is also very common among athletes. Usually characterized by a piercing pain at the shin area of the leg, this condition is as a result of straining of lower leg muscles. This straining is as a result of doing repetitive exercises over a long period of time. Precautionary measures for this are for the person to stop doing strenuous activities for a long period of time, doing enough stretching exercises and running on even areas.

Another issue among those who run is chaffing. This is due to rubbing of clothes against skin causing rashes at the friction point. Areas where this happens are at the inner thigh region, under bra line in women and underarms. Prevention for this is simple. People must ensure to wear the correct sports clothes that fit well.

An occurrence of blisters is also quite common among people who run. Such a condition is as a result of rubbing of shoes against skin constantly. When blisters are tampered with say popping out the fluid, this might lead to infections due to open wounds. Thus to avoid this occurrence, individuals must always wear properly fitting shoes and ensure to have socks that go above the shoes.

A common issue also that occurs among runners is cracked feet or heel fissures. This condition usually occurs in people with very dry feet and due to constant running, the feet starts to break exposing the inner skin. In some worse cases, it can result to bleeding which can cause other infections. To prevent this people with dry feet are required to constantly apply moisturizer at feet and avoid open shoes.

People need to understand that running is not an easy activity. Getting to know the common runners injuries is essential for anyone wanting to engage in this kind of sport. Understanding such conditions will enable such people take preventive measures first. Also those who have had an experience with any condition will know how to handle it.

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