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The Fitbit Exercise Tracker - Newest Model Fitbit One

By Adrien Garchia

Fitbit has just released their new range of exercise trackers to their product line. The newest activity tracker is the top of the range model called The Fitbit One. The previous model was named the Ultra. The Fitbit One is now flatter, smaller and more sleek than the superseded model. It is now much easier to use. It can be carried around in your pocket or if prefer, clipped onto clothing. You will be totally unaware that you are wearing the activity tracker. The screen on the Fitbit One has been substantially improved, it is now much brighter than in the past. This makes reading data easier. An excellent new feature is the ability to connect with Bluetooth 4.0. The device automatically syncs data to your phone. This is a superb addition.

The Fitbit One also has an altimeter which is in built. This will record any alterations in elevation. This is especially important if you exercise over hilly routes or if you use stairs during your day. This feature will provide a much more accurate assessment of the calories you have used. The other great feature of the Fitbit One is that it can also track your sleep. It has been designed so that you can wear the device on your wrist at night. This will monitor the quality of your sleep and record the amount of time you have slept. The Fitbit One also incorporates a silent, vibrating alarm which you can set. This will wake you up without disturbing your partner.

The entry level tracking device is a new model known as the Fitbit Zip. It has all the essential features of the Fitbit One except it does not have the sleep tracking function with the vibrating alarm. It also does not have an altimeter to record elevation. The absence of these features will be important for many people. If this is the case, go for the better specced, top of the range Fitbit One. Even though the Fitbit Zip is the entry level exercise tracker, it has a premium feel and comes in a range of 5 bright colours which look fantastic and will be a talking point.

Both of the new Fitbit devices are extremely easy to wear because they are small and lightweight. You can clip them onto your belt or waistband or wear them in a pocket. Whilst you exercise they can even clip onto your bra or sporting top. They can remain visible or hidden if you prefer. You will completely forget that you are wearing the device. They really are unobtrusive and comfortable to wear. If you like to flash them about, the bright, fun colours will be a real positive talking point with your friends.

Now the information obtained through using the Fitbit trackers is the main point for those people who wish to track their level of activity. These are brilliant devices for people trying to lose weight. Even people not on an exercise program will be able to check their level of incidental exercise. The devices accumulate information such as the number of steps taken, the distance covered and calculates the calories you have burnt. The Fitbit One also records elevation changes through it`s built in altimeter.The Fitbit One is also a sleep tracker. The data is displayed as well as the current time of day. It is easy to check the data which has been collected. Just tap the screen to scroll your way through the data fields.

The new Fitbit activity trackers now have Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. This also automatic syncing Apple and Android devices. Through Fitbit, an easy and simple to use free mobile app is available. You can also sync to other devices and computers by using a simple USB dongle. Setting up your Fitbit device and account is fairly simple. Once setup, you will have access to your own personal online dashboard. It is here you will see your stats for your activity. There will be information such as your daily activity and cumulative activity stats. You will find the dashboard easy to navigate and it will host useful tools such as graphs and charts. You can customize your dashboard to a fair degree. All these little things combined gives you really useful information, helps you to monitor your progress and help you reach your goals.

There are now many fitness apps available now for Apple devices through the App store and for Android devices in the Google Play Store. The great thing is the data you accumulate through your Fitbit device can then be exported and used in any other of your apps you use. The data can be exported and incorporated into many of the popular fitness apps such as MyFitnessPal, Lose It and MapMyFitness. Some data collected in these other apps can be imported straight to your Fitbit dashboard. There is an apps gallery on the fitbit site outlining availability. You can obtain and collate data from various sources, adding to the accuracy and fun.

The technology involved with the Fitbit exercise trackers allows you to challenge and compete with people you know. You can really give your health program a boost and at the same time have some fun by competing with family and friends. You can all review your stats and check your progress against your competition. You can cheer each other on, which is useful in helping everyone to reach their goals with some friendly rivalry. Several people can compete together. You may set up a leaderboard and see how everyone is progressing. These social aspects are really fun and help make exercise interesting. You can opt to receive a notification when you have been passed by someone. You can send on messages to each other, urging on your friends with some playful or inspiring comments.aspects are really fun and help make exercise interesting. You can opt to receive a notification when you have been passed by someone. You can send on messages to each other, urging on your friends with some playful or inspiring comments.

The online tools are also useful for looking at your diet. This is especially handy for those people trying to lose weight. Download the mobile app and then you can log all your meals, the amount of water you consume, all the workouts you have done, as well as your weight. You can set a goal for a certain weight, and then use the combined data to analyse your progress, taking into account your calories burned.

The Fitbit One and Fitbit Zip are both worth considering if you are looking for a fitness tracker. They are fun, easy to use and may be used amongst friends. If you are trying to lose weight, these latest devices can be beneficial in helping you to reach your goal.

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