Saturday, 10 November 2012

Healthy Adrenal Glands To Manage Stress

By Jonathon Lundrigan

Your adrenal glands have two major functions. One of these is to help your body get going for the day. This requires helping the body change from sleep functions to active functions that the body needs when functions during the day. The other most important function of the adrenal glands is to enable your body deal with pressure.

The outer part of the adrenals is identified as the adrenal cortex. It functions to create a hormone called cortisol. The adrenals release the highest level of this hormone early within the morning and the lowest amount late into the evening. Our bodies function to get rid of harmful toxins and repair our immune systems when we sleep. The adrenals aid to move us in and out of this state. When morning comes, our bodies release a lot more cortisol, which turns on our energy for the day and signals our sleep related immune repair to turn off.

For those who get tired early in the day and crash, this is a most probable sign of adrenal fatigue. The inner portion of the adrenal glands function to assist our bodies in coping with pressure. Folks face complicated conditions in their lives that are stressful to the body. Our body's adrenal glands function to assist the body to handle this pressure.

The adrenals assist the body to be able to withstand injury from emotional stress such or physical stress such as running from a lion. As the adrenals respond, our body responds with increased blood pressure plus an increased heart rate that is often referred to as a fight or flight response. This response occurs once the adrenal glands release epinephrine which is normally referred to as adrenaline. The more anxiety we have, the more epinephrine is released into our blood increasing our heart rate.

If you develop chronic stress, your adrenals function harder and generate cortisol to assist your body handle the tension. Eventually your adrenals are no longer compete and your body starts to suffer. Your body may experience fatigue and exhaustion. Because the issue continues, you may develop aches and pains, allergy complications and immune connected issues.

A variety of supplements have been found to support the adrenal glands to help your body deal with stress and prevent these types of problems. A few of these include vitamin C, vitamin B complex and pantethine which is a stress helper. Consulting with a competent health care provider can help you to know what is most effective.

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