Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Why Companies Should Encourage Their Executives To Use Never Summer

By Preston Pruter

Never summer longboards come highly recommended by many reviewers, with many unequivocally declaring them to be the best in the world. Such accolades, however, did not come easily, but are a result of many years of research, persistence and a commitment to making high quality products. To date, they remain one of the few companies that make these devices by hand.

The game has its share of detractors, with many associating it with rebellion and danger. While it is extreme, the sport actually comes with a lot of benefits that people outside its circles may not know about. For instance, it is a great way to work out; one derives all the benefits of engaging in exercise. Unlike many other forms of keeping fit, this is one activity that places demands on different muscle groups all the time.

American football, rugby, baseball, cricket, soccer, basketball, netball, handball and even chess have something in common; they are team sports. Members can always rely on each other for strength and encouragement. This is in contrast to skateboarding, in which one plays alone. A player needs to develop a sense of independence and self reliance, qualities which are essential for success even in normal life.

Watching anyone skateboarding is a feast for the eyes, with tricks that players pull off being particularly eye catching. This is a sport that is impossible to play if one cannot tell their hands from feet. Coordination is the foundation of this activity, and one novices need to learn before they can move on to other aspects of the game. This is a skill that one can put into good use in other areas of life, such as operating complex machinery.

If life gives a person one lemon, then they should make lemonade with it, it is said. Life is not perfect, and if bad things come one's way, it is important to take them into stride. There can be no better training ground for this fact than skateboarding, where one has to be absolutely focused in order to be successful. This involves some level of blocking out what is unnecessary or stressful to accomplish critical moves. This is a skill everyone can use, so that they are not distracted from the road to success by problems.

For one to truly succeed at skateboarding, there are a lot of tricks to learn. These include kicks, scoops, shoves, stair gaps, among others. No one will learn all these in their first day; it will take time, a lot of falling and a fair amount of injury. All these help a person develop the most important skill of all; perseverance. This is an ability that can be applied with positive results in other areas of life.

There is word for going through that process; perseverance. The benefits of that, of course, go beyond this sport and spill over into other areas of life. Skateboarders tend to be successful at whatever they choose to do.

To succeed in this sport requires several things; an unquenchable passion for it, humility, the ability to learn, develop plans, implement and review them, and improve where necessary. Those are the same skills a manager needs in order to successfully deal with projects. Instead of paying thousands of Euros for training, perhaps it is time trainers turned to never summer longboards.

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