Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Best Ab Workout Exercises

By Tyron Thompson

There are many alternative ways to shed the pounds, get ripped, or pumped up. Some work very well, while the others are not so great. I found a fast and very effective method of shedding weight fast and starting the journey to getting those perfect abs.

Most important things first! No REAL strategy will ever get you results with the wave of a miraculous 'fat food and no exercise ' wand! If you need a dramatic change in your life you have got to take big steps to make certain it happens. Or put more smoothly by the great Albert Einstein... "Problems can't be worked out with the same mind set that created them"

So bearing that in mind, here is how I trimmed up employing a simple combination of ab workouts, fat losing exercises and a changed diet.

I was working away for a bit early on in the year and during my free time I began to put in around thirty to forty five minutes of high-intensity low impact training. Because I hadn't actually trained for a while, it took me about a week for my body to get used to the new regime. But after this, I just got into a routine.

At first it was just a case of blowing out the old cobwebs. But at the same time, my diet had changed. I was working in quite a remote environment, so I couldn't just nip down to the local store and grab a bar of chocolate whenever I wanted. Our food was roughed up for us, so we didn't get much of a choice on this either. But that said , the food was not precisely what you would associate with weight loss,

After two weeks, I was actually beginning to sense that something was different. My waist had shrunk and the belly that I had started to build in the past couple of years began falling away! Using this as support, I ploughed right into my new regime with even more enthusiasm. I attempted several different good abdominals workouts, but settled on a few that I knew were making the biggest difference.

Here are merely a couple of my favourites...

Planking circuit - Here's where you adopt the plank position. Here is where your body is in the 'push up ' exercise position. The difference is expressed in the position of your arms.

Rather than having your arms out, elbows bent with your hands on the ground, you should keep your elbows on the ground with the bottom of your forearm facing down on the ground and your hands together.

You need to hold this position for a start of thirty seconds. Then a quick ten second break. Back down to station and hold for 1 minute. Break for 10 seconds and start again, but each time jacking up your time that the position is held. A good start point is keep accelerating up to three minutes. Then bring it back down again.

Once you get used to doing this and if you happen to feel you can cope, keep rocketing the times you are in position in.

Another of the good abdominals workouts and a fave of mine is a push up circuit to a track called Flower by Moby. Rather than have me understand it you could just need to watch the easiest way to do it on Youtube. Just look up Flower by Moby pushups. But the basics of it are the following. When they sing 'UP ' you push up... When they sing 'Down ' you go down. The part I felt got my abs burning was on the holding and staying in the down setting between verses.

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