Monday, 14 January 2013

Ego Clearomizer Excellent Smoking Alternative

By Rosetta Crane

Through the years there have been numerous alternatives to traditional cigarettes introduced to the masses. Some of them have been more successful than others, but the recent trend of vaping products may be the most effective solutions in a long time. An e-cig, a cartomizer or an ego clearomizer are options that allow a person to continue to enjoy all the pleasures of smoking without all the harmful effects.

Just as tobacco cigarettes are made in several different styles that provide slightly varied experiences, so do the widening range of electronic devices. The most noticeable change in the two products is the way in which they achieve ignition. E-cigs run on batteries and use no fire to release their nicotine based contents which contain no tars or other harmful additives.

Smoking without the use of either tobacco or fire is known as vaping. This is because the electronic cigarettes contain a liquid solution that has nicotine and flavoring that, when heated via a atomizer powered by a battery, releases a harmless water vapor into the air. Everything about the experience is so much like the real thing, except without the negative drawbacks.

These products were not invented as a way to encourage non-smokers or teens to take up the habit. It was designed as a way for adults who currently partook of the activity and wished to continue but in a way that was better for both themselves and the people around them. Water vapor has no clinging odor or choking factor as second hand smoke does, plus it disappears without a trace in seconds.

E-cigs come in a variety of styles to match all those afforded by traditional tobacco cigarettes. One of these is the cartomizer, which is a small cartridge with a thick shell containing a nicotine based liquid that flows through a polyfill filling when heat is applied. The drawback to the opaque casing is that a person can not always tell when they are getting low on e-juice.

An alternative to this is the clearomizer which is considerably larger and, as the name would suggest, transparent. There are several benefits to selecting this option over the others. The first being that because they are see through, it is possible to monitor the amount of e-juice remaining so that the container may be refilled before they run dry.

Being larger, they can hold a good bit more fluid which usually lasts for several days. They are much easier to keep clean and no hassle refilling means they are great for multiple reuses. Another plus is that since they feature a wick in place of the polyfill, the flavor of the vapor intake is more enhanced and powerful.

Another thing that many people like about the ego clearomizer is that it comes in a rainbow of transparent colors so each person may select a style that best represents them. They should be handled with a bit more caution since the casing is made of thinner material, but generally speaking, they are quite dependable. Smoking through the use of an electronic device is a way for adults to maintain an activity they enjoy but to avoid the health risks and avoid disturbing the people surrounding them.

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