Wednesday, 23 January 2013

It Works Body Wraps

By Mogie Patton

One Morning I drove home with the best present I'll ever receive within my life, beside my better half, was also the morning I looked within the mirror and thought WHO IS THAT Young lady IN THERE! This precious little package in my arms left distinct indicators it came from ME! Signs like the extra pounds all over my body, my cheeks would give birth, pink lines on my thighs and belly and the baggage under my eye. I failed to worry excessively because everybody said you are going to rebound right back. So 12 months later I made the decision that getting back in shape was a myth. I actually needed to Just work at it if I ever desired MY body back again!

I learned that I needed to make healthy life changing decisions. We always hear the words "diet and exercise" thrown around but that did not excite me. Who wants to diet and give up yummy foods? Exercise? Yea right. When do we have time....we are usually saying "Can mommy just pee in peace?" But I began to realize that there is some truth to what they were saying and I needed to tune in. But how do you diet and exercise with kids running around the house? I did what I could but without the ability to clone myself I just couldn't accomplish the results I wanted.

After all my hard work of running and a healthy life style change, I looked in the mirror as proud as I could but still wondered if my purple stretch marks would ever get better and that obvious mommy pouch- you know what I am talking about- would ever go away. My skin had been stretched to the max and it was mainly just a skin problem. Then one day a friend approached me with something she found. Skinny wraps, I will pause here to sing- Hallelujah!- As I tried my first one I thought, "This is just another waste of time and money, but I am worth the $30 and the 45 minutes to just try I suppose." I took it off 2 hours later, just to get all the benefits out of it that I could, and was actually FATTER! HA! I called her and asked, what just happened? She said it was actually a good thing and that I shouldn't measure until 24 hours later now. At 24 hours later my stretch marks on my tummy felt firm and not as noticeable and I had lost 1 inch in my waist, navel and hips! By the 72 hour mark I had lost 2.5 inches, and 2 pounds! I had to share my findings with people who were struggling like me and well- here I am!

This slender body wraps are a detoxifying method, NOT A WATER Weight loss. They are infused with 100% all natural lotion and they detox the fat cells taking junk from the fat. In result they tone, tighten and firm your skin. I also provide lots of other products for weight reduction aide, greens which are kind of such as vitamin supplements but help curve cravings and many other great products.

THE It Works Body Wraps WERE MY LIFE CHANGER! So you need to take my advice and get them today. Tomorrow you will simply keep waiting to lose the weight. Make your stand now!!!

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