Monday, 14 January 2013

Stretching and Its Contribution to Weight Loss

By Heejin Kim

Muscles need to be stretched and prepped up in order for a person to perform at their best in any activity. Stretching is a form of physical exercise that some people do not consider being a factor to cause anyone to lose weight, but because of its vital role in a pre or post workout session, others are reinstating its function in contributing to a healthy and effective weight loss.

The benefits of stretching to a person's health range from an enhanced blood circulation, additional calories burned, strengthened muscles, and flexibility. These features all impart a role in the weight loss process. Stretching is suggested to become a part of a regular workout routine for the betterment of an individual's overall health.

Increase Circulation

Stretching causes blood to be pumped smoothly through the veins to the heart and the rest of the body during skeletal muscle activity. This episode enhances the blood that is circulated throughout the body which results in an improved performance by an individual during any physical activity such as exercise. .

Burn Extra Calories

Although stretching many not allow a person to burn as much calories as they normally would during intense aerobic exercises, mild stretching can still burn calories compared to just lying down or sitting all day long. Performing regular stretching exercises every day can accumulate and in the long run aid in developing a healthier body.

Strengthened Muscles

Stretching, just like strength training, also helps to develop and strengthen the muscles in the body especially in the arms, legs, and core area. Increasing muscle tissues can greatly boost a person's metabolism; resulting in an increase in the amount of calories the body burns. More muscles produce a leaner body.


Flexibility is an important feature that one should attain because it allows a person to use their body to its extent. Their body will be capable to perform and execute any exercise, sport, or other forceful movement effectively without any strain. Stretching on a daily basis can significantly contribute to improving an individual's weight loss journey.

The advantages that stretching can offer when it becomes a part of a habitual workout and healthy diet, can really improve, if not, boost the weight loss process to attain faster results.

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