Monday, 28 January 2013

Trusting Good Stoked Skateboards Is Really A Wise Idea

By Kyle B Mcnulty

Skateboarders are frequently seen rolling down hand barriers, along the road, up against pavements, it is a hobby that has got many hooked. The youth of today exhibit amazing talent on their boards, possessing balance that many people only dream of. As with any hobby or sport, there are many brand names that make the top of the list, but one stands out is Stoked Skateboards.

Ascending through the atmosphere executing a gallery of electrifying, spectacular stunts upon their boards, skaters truly know how to live life on the edge. This hobby certainly come with its fair share of scrapes, bruises and damaged bones, however, this does not stop skaters from trying out new tricks. There are many times when the tumble can be greater than the buzz and the thrill.

From simply skating from one place to another, to such tricks as an ollie, 360's, kick flips, nose grinds, manuals as well as reverts, it goes without saying that their skills are flawless. These boards are not very easily accessible. There are only a few reliable stations to get these amazing products.

Stoked, a company of high decree, is one such shop. Founded in 2001, an usual run of the mill guy loaned a small amount of money from his father to start his own venture, making customized boards. Stoked boards were all about spreading the buzz. They are custom built for the skater looking for his or her own unique board.

At just 16 years of age, David skated all day, every day. He saw an opportunity to start customizing the boards for his friends at first. The initial idea of the business was to introduce custom, specialized boards for clients. Customers would be able to select the precise color, unique tags and the physical size of their long board.

The main reason behind David starting the company was simple, he wanted to purchase a car, but funds did not come easy and he needed to make another plan. Little did he he know that his new idea was about to make him a very affluent young man. Being youthful, bright and remarkably motivated, Rajewski started to run his small company.

Rajewski's empire functions from California. It is estimated that Stoked should strike it lucky at a record high of $1,000,000 for 2012. David loves the sport and it is exceptional for him to be able to think of it as a job for after school. He usually spends a lot of time at the work shop, where he manages the employees and sees to it that all Stoked Skateboards meet the requirements of the client.

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