Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Key To Losing Weight Fast And Keeping It Off

By Howe Russ

As a Fitness Instructor, I am asked at least five times per day how to lose weight fast and keep it off. When it comes to losing fat there are three very easy to follow rules which will multiply your results in no time at all and today I'll share them with you.

We see too many people sucked into flavor of the month celebrity diets every month, struggling along with a diet which resembles a self-punishment regime and getting no results.

The three points we share today are facts. When you begin applying them to your current regime you will see a significant improvement no matter what level of exercise you are doing. Combine these with a solid workout plan and your results will be even faster. Time to get started.

Step One: The Benefits Of A Calorie Deficit.

So, what exactly is a calorie deficit? It is actually pretty simple stuff. Work out how many calories per day you currently consume and then lower it. The best way to do this is to keep a food journal for a week then work to drop your daily intake total each day.

If you want steady fat loss the key is to lower your daily calorie total steadily, too. Don't suddenly half your calories or your body will enter starvation mode and will hang onto as much fat as it can. You have probably seen that happen to a friend on a celebrity quick fix diet.

Cut your calories by no more than 15% per week until you have reached your target number of calories per day, and never go below 1000 a day in total.

Fact Number Two: When Carbohydrates Come Down, Protein Goes Up.

These days it is a popular choice to cut down carbohydrates when trying to lose weight but there is one thing you must do otherwise it defeats the whole objective. Eat more protein. If you chop your carbohydrate intake down your body loses it's primary energy source during exercise. It's left with a choice between using fat or muscle for fuel and 90% of the time it's choosing the muscle and you're losing weight but not fat. Increase your protein intake whenever you cut down carbohydrates.

Step Three: Snack On Protein.

The next time you fancy an unscheduled snack try a protein rich food such as tuna, chicken or a meal replacement shake. Not only does this increase your daily protein intake which we have already shown is a great dieting tip, but it is also proven that protein has far less impact on your body's fat loss storage cells than both carbohydrates and fat combined.

Snacking on protein such as tuna fish, chicken breast and turkey is a proven fat loss secret which has been shown time and time again to work with no excuses.

Try putting these three very easy to follow points into your diet routine today and, mark my words, you will see significant results if you are looking at how to lose weight fast or how to burn body fat more effectively. When you build your best diet plan these rules will be the staples of it.

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