Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Two Ways To Build More Muscle

By Russ Howe

Most people get stuck when trying to figure out how to build muscle and in today's article we give you two simple, proven steps which have stood the test of time. This query is second only to people wondering how to lose weight.

The two rules in this article will help you get some results fast.

If you have been struggling for progress in the gym or perhaps you are just starting out and not sure what to do, today's article will help you get the basics down.

* Know your diet

* Supplements are useful but not essential

By laying down the solid foundations of your nutrition and diet you will put yourself ahead of about 90% of the members at your local gym. The sad truth is most people pay no attention to their diet and have no structure to what the do, they just turn up at the gym, do their workout and hope for the best.

Building muscle size and definition isn't just about eating a ton of extra calories per day. Where you get those calories from plays a huge part in how your body will look and what type of size you add. By making a couple of simple changes to your diet you can enhance your results massively.

The 3-5-2 system is a good, proven muscle building diet which has stood the test of time easily. When you want to establish how many calories your body needs to grow bigger, simply take your target body weight in pounds by 15. So a 180lbs man would need about 2700 daily.

Now we break down these 2700 calories to see our protein, carb and fat intake for each day. This is where the 3-5-2 system comes into play nicely. This basically means 30% protein, 50% carbohydrates and 20% fats.

So to see how many calories per day need to come from each macronutrient simply use the 3-5-2 system now. In this case, 2700 calories multiplied by thirty percent will give you 810. This is the number of daily calories you need from protein.

To convert your protein calories into grams so you know how much to eat, just divide that 810 by four. This gives you 202g. For carbohydrates, take your carb calories and divide by four. When it comes to your daily fats, take your fat calories and divide it by nine. This will give you a complete breakdown of how many calories to eat per day and how much of it needs to come from protein, carbohydrates and fats respectively.

Next we need to talk about supplements. It is very easy to get lost in the supplement market, with every product telling you that it's better than anything else. If you get your diet sorted out first, you will realize that you don't need most of the products you might be wasting your money on right now.

The only supplements you require when starting a muscle building program are protein and creatine. Everything else can be added in at a later date if necessary. They keyword to remember here is supplement, keep it basic. It's meant to be an add on to your diet, not a replacement.

Now that you are a little more up to speed on the two foundations of how to build muscle you will be able to reap hugely enhanced results in the gym compared to those who fail to sort out the basics before diving in head first. If you are serious about changing your body, now is the time to do it.

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