Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Installing An Under Sink Water Filter: Benefits Vs. Costs

By Lucy Cho

Installing an under sink water filter system will likely offer those concerned about drinking water contaminants relief. Why is it then that so many people don't use them? Using purified and clean water as well as other healthy products such as Shilajit powder could contribute to overall wellness and safeguard you from various problems. So clearly there are other things to think about when it comes to deciding whether installing an under sink water filter or other similar device is worth it.

We will first talk about some reasons drinking water should be safeguarded further than the protection a municipal water treatment facility can offer. Then, we will talk about some of the reasons the alternatives to water filters that many people look to may not be ideal. Finally, we will talk about some reasons people still choose not to use an under sink water filter or other filtration systems.

Municipal water treatment facilities cannot always protect you from outbreaks of waterborne illnesses in tap water. Natural disasters or industrial incidents can seriously contaminate otherwise dependable tap water sources. Over 2,100 known possible drinking water contaminants could end up in your tap water, and some are even poisonous. It has been suggested that some cancer varieties have been linked to toxins found in drinking water. Healthy drinking water is an important contributor to the appropriate physical and mental development of children. In the United States alone, the EPA says that lead in tap water contributes to around 480,000 cases of learning disabilities in children each year. Some people find under sink water filter systems to be redundant and only for health-conscious people that use exotic products like Shilajit powder. However, there is some clear evidence that more people should at least consider water filters. They are not very redundant considering all possibilities.

Many choose other ways to clean their drinking water. Boiling water is a very old method for clearing up contaminants in water. However, many people in the present find it quite inconvenient and dislike the way boiled water tastes. Some people look instead toward bottled water. Bottles of water may seem like a healthy alternative to tap water, but many may be surprised by how often bottled water is tap water. The Natural Resources Defense Council studied bottled water in 1999 and found that as much as 40% of the bottled water they tested at times was tap water. Bottled water may also be a problem as it could leach chemicals from the plastic bottles into the water.

As mentioned before, many find reasons not to install an under sink water filter or other filters. Filtration systems can be costly to buy and install. Others dislike the idea of having to pay for and change water filters. Boiling your drinking water or drinking from bottles may be passable solutions for you as well. There are pros and cons to any approach to drinking water, but you should ensure you do what you can to protect your drinking water.

Whether you utilize products that contribute to overall health such as Shilajit powder or not, you could easily be among those that find an under sink water filter may offer you benefits that make it worth the expense.

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