Thursday, 17 January 2013

Carrot Extract Tanning

By Don Roone

The main ingredient found in TIENS Inner Beauty Capsules is certainly Carrot extract.

Inner beauty capsules are just a food supplement that is particularly suitable in order to maintain normal levels of bodily mechanism. A combination of 4 antioxidants which will keeps your health and circulatory system healthy: carrot powder, gynostemma pentaphylum, vit c, theopolyphenol. Carrots contain large amounts of Vit C ,valuable B-Vitamins, folic acid, some vitamin D and E, ethereal oils, Iron, Magnesium, Calcium and Phosphoros, plus valuable amounts of immune-strengthening element Selenium.

Ginko Biloba with its bifid leaves is a sacred plant in Eastern Viewpoint. This represents the oneness of opposites and therefore is a symbol of balance. Ginko is well known for example to be used as a possible antioxidant, free radical scavenger, and support the resistance of the body towards negative external effects.

Green tea herb is used in most cultures to improve well-being. Its radical scavenging detoxicating effects based on the green tea polyphenol, extracted from fresh green tea leaves.

Carrot extract, Ginko Biloba, Green tea extract and vitamin C form in TIENS Inner Beauty Capsules a harmonious combination - a natural food supplement that is supporting mainly the normal protective functions in body cells as well as vessels.

Advantages of Tiens Inner Beauty

Stimulate metabolic process, prevent fat accumulation and eliminate toxic substances from the body. Free radical scavenger Tiens Inner Beauty also supports the resistance of the body against the external aggressions Provide herbal support for health Helps to protect you from stress and anxiety Improve oxygen intake in low o2 environment. Aids in good vision Serves as blood purifier Helps in preventing wrinkles

Who is Inner Beauty Capsule suitable for?

People susceptible to high blood pressure, heart diseases and thrombus formation Those who have sedentary lifestyle Individuals with stress and fatique Individuals conscious of health

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