Sunday, 20 January 2013

The Things That Real Time PCR Kit Helps With

By Claudine MacDonald

There are many uses to a real time PCR kit which is very popular for the enthusiasts of molecular biology. Polymerase chain reaction is one of the processes in biochemical technology that amplifies DNA and RNA. Such would mean millions of copies are derived from a DNA sequence.

Kary Mullis developed the technique in 1983. Since then PCR has become an indispensable technique that is used in biological and medical research laboratories. Some of the applications where this is used is in DNA doning, DNA based phylogeny or the functional analysis of the genes. This is also used for detecting hereditary diseases, identification of genetic fingerprints and other infectious diseases.

The amplification of samples of any DNA region is done through a process that will conduct selective isolation of DNA. This is very useful in hybridization for instance. Through DNA doning though larger samples would be necessary for replication. Nonetheless, the technique of polymerase chain reaction can be done through kits available which cater to both small and large samples.

DNA sequencing also applies the technique to determine an unknown sequence through amplification primers. The isolation of the DNA sequence could be used to expedite the recombinant technologies of DNA. The process involves inserting a sequence into a plasmid. This is the genetic material of the sample organism. The process is also known as the Sanger sequencing.

Getting the constructs for DNA vectors can be derived by screening the bacterial colonies through the method. This is very convenient for forensic investigations where genetic fingerprinting is a very crucial tool. This would also be a good method to use for the identification of organisms or humans.

There are some methods that would provide for high discriminative power. This is used to identify the genetic relationships of individuals like that of parents and children or siblings. This is a process that also applies for paternity testing where a party asks for verification of a child's paternity.

Since the process amplifies the regions of DNA that it will target, it can be utilized for the analysis of small samples. Such is a very important consideration especially with forensic analysis. Most of the time, this method is used when just a trace amount of DNA is found for the sample.

DNA which are recovered and dates back from thousands of years ago could also be analyzed through the process. Identifying the genetic make-up of mammoths for instance, has been done through the process. This same thing was applied for the mummies of Egypt and other human samples.

Through the use of real time PCR kit, diagnosis of some diseases also has become possible. Tracing leukemia and lymphoma for instance is part of it. Many of the cancer research centers routinely use this for their studies. The kit provides a simple solution for the detection of malignant cells in the body of the patients. Through efficient detection the administration of treatment for most patients become more efficient as well. The technique is useful for development of organisms and resolution of crimes.

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