Monday, 31 December 2012

How Many Times Per Week Should You Workout To Build Lean Muscle?

By Russ Howe-Pti

Most people in the gym have many questions they'd like to ask on the subject of how to build muscle, but they get confused at the wide variety of answers available so instead just struggle on by themselves. One of the most popular questions undoubtedly concerns how many gym sessions per week are optimal when it comes to building lean tissue. Today we will show you how to answer this.

In order to get the most from your hard earned efforts in the gym, there are a few foundations you should lay before you visit the gym.

Let's start with people who have perhaps never used a gym before. How are you supposed to know when to workout? This is an area which many people get lost in. Don't buy into the fear that you must blast your body every day of the week.

A good place to get started is to combine resistance training with cardiovascular training two to three times per week. The best way to get your body ready for a positive change is to ease your way into it rather than blasting your muscles as hard as you possibly can.

This will get your body ready for the lifestyle change you intend to put it through.

When you start seeing good results from your training you encounter a phase which will completely change your approach to working out and you need to get this part right if you want to continue your results.

When you reach this stage, people tend to buy into the false philosophy that more equals better. In terms of exercise and fitness, it doesn't work that way.

You do not need to hit the gym every day of the week. If you do then you'll actually notice less improvement than if you took adequate rest periods in between your workouts. That's right, more is not necessarily better.

If you don't let your body rest you will not see continued results. You are essentially breaking down yesterday's results and rebuilding them today, which will not actually help you to get any further forward at all. If you simply enjoy training and don't want to limit yourself to three sessions per week, you should look into using a split routine instead of a full body workout at this stage.

If you neglect to take a day off to let a muscle recover before you hit it again you will inevitably just be treading over the same ground for the rest of your training.

If you utilize a split routine there is nothing to stop you from hitting the gym five times a week, however those two extra days should be reserved for rest. One of the most important factors in learning how to build muscle which lasts into the long term is understanding the importance of rest.

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