Saturday, 26 January 2013

How Do Antioxidants Benefit The Human Body?

By Richard Davis

A large number of medical experts are recommending vegetables and fruits to be included in a daily diet. There are lots of great reasons to the suggestion; however one of the reasons would be the antioxidants that a lot of fruit and veggies supply. However just what are antioxidants? Why are they so important?

Process of oxidation happens all around us from piece of potato turning brownish color to rust in a machine. It is a normal process that also exists in a body. Our body system normally copes with oxidation well, but occasionally it leads to cell damage. The damaged cells are referred to as free radicals, molecules with unpaired electron. Since it is unpaired, it will try to steal an electron from other molecules. Whenever this reaction becomes intense, it can easily trigger a lot of illnesses like cancer, heart problems and arthritis. Cigarette smoke, pollution and radiation add up to the development of free radicals as well. Antioxidants are compounds that counteract free radicals.

By providing an electron to free radicals, antioxidants minimize cell damage. It is necessary to consume nutrients that come with antioxidants daily to live healthy. Numerous vegetables and fruits are a fantastic source of antioxidants because of vitamins C and E. These vitamins are recognized to be among the best antioxidants. Fruits and vegetables like strawberry, kiwi, papaya, spinach, bell pepper, and broccoli are the ideal supply of vitamin C and E. However these vitamins are not the sole source of antioxidants and actually they are not the most effective source.

An increasing number of dieticians agree Epigallocatechin or often known as EGCG may be a stronger provider of antioxidants than vitamins E and C. A large number of scientists agree that EGCG is 100 times more efficient than vitamin C and 25 times more efficient compared to vitamin E in protecting against free radicals. EGCG is an ingredient found in green tea. Some of the known tea positive effects are preventions against cancer, weight gain, bad cholesterol, depressive disorders and heart disease.

There have been numerous laboratory examinations with regards to the effects of green tea on cancer cells. The results show the dosage of 300mg of EGCG on a daily basis to be the best amount. A cup provides about 100mg of EGCG. A lot more studies are on the way, but as for right now 3 cups daily is a safe amount.

At this time there are quite a few ways to take in green tea. Standard way is to make and to drink the tea. This really is good especially when taken while eating food. Another common way is to add tea powder to citrus water. Combining lemon juice with EGCG has been known to increase the benefits. A convenient way is to take green tea tablets. This will work for folks not liking the bitter tea taste.

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