Tuesday, 29 January 2013

What HCG Drops Diet Plan Is

By Emilia Espinoza

Maintaining health requires so much commitment, discipline and effort. One will have to find a balance in all things. It can be harder for some, could be due to genetics or such. They will need to work so much harder so they get the body that they want to have. There are several programs that aim for you to lose your unwanted fats. You can find many dieting programs that are really strict and you see the results really fast but you would need to be careful because your body needs many nutrients and they are taken from food. You can choose hCG drops diet plan to be your weight loss program.

This program involves three different phases which you need to strictly follow. The first phase is where the hormone is taken. The average number of days for every phase is 21, depending where you follow your program from. You will need to consume all food that you can on the first two days of the program. This loading is for you to store energy for the following days. It is also the number of days the hormone takes to kick in.

Third day onward, you would limit food consumption to 500 calories. You also need to stop eating sugars and starch. Your body will burn the fat stored in your body during this phase. On the last two days, you will stop taking the drops. This phase resets your body's metabolism.

During phase two, you will go back to consuming 1200 to 2000 calories or as needed everyday. You still omit all carbohydrates. This will last for 21 days. It will be on the third phase where you will slowly introduce carbohydrates back into your meals. You would need to keep monitoring your food intake. This also lasts for 21 days. If you want to lose more weight than you already have, you may start again with phase one.

This is a very strict program for one to follow. There is a need to watch and to limit what is eaten for days. You could achieve the goals you have through it. You would need to be careful in doing so and learn all you can about any side effect possible.

You also need to choose who you take the program from. Know the kind of product that they are using and how the program is observed and differs from other programs. Know available options as you can always choose to try another one.

Nutrition is really important and some will advise against this program because starving yourself can really damage your health. You have to know that you are fit enough to go through with this. It would really help for you to see a doctor first.

When you choose this program, see to it that you really keep off the weight for good. Regaining it would not be great because you will be putting on fats. You need to exercise as well so you help your metabolism.

hCG drops diet plan really delivers results. Every program would, provided that you follow it down to the letter. Just be sure you are safe when you are following any of the programs advocating strict dieting.

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