Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Discover Methods Of Acupuncture Tenafly NJ Residents Enjoy

By Audra Olson

Researchers have tried to come up with new therapeutic modalities of treating sick patients that do not employ conventional medicine approach. One treatment procedure commonly used is acupuncture. It is a practice that originated from China. Its use has led to growth in alternative and complementary medicine. The positive effects of acupuncture Tenafly NJ residents testify to have led to the popular growth of alternative medicine.

Living a comfortable life without pain and stress is a wish that everyone has. This maximizes ones potential in life. Many people get frightened when they think about needle pricks. They need not be afraid because pain and stress relief can be achieved by this procedure which involves needle pricks.

The session starts with a health worker taking a detailed medical history of the patient. Details provided by history gives the acupuncturist vital information needed in management of the client. Patience is a necessary virtue needed by the patient because the questions asked can be numerous. It might take about an hour for the medical history to be taken. Responses to the questions are also expected to be truthful and accurate.

The treatment procedure is not painful. Many people have a wrong impression that acupuncture is painful. The impression usually results from over thinking about the procedure; thus one is encouraged not to do so. Patients should get into the operating room fully relaxed in order to enjoy the whole experience. The technique uses two to ten needles.

There are a couple of requirements that patients are required to follow before getting into the procedure room. The patient is strictly instructed not to take any meal before getting into the procedure. In addition, alcohol use and doing any strenuous exercises prior to the therapeutic procedure are also prohibited prior to the treatment.

The real procedure begins by the specialist inserting the needles on the body of the patient. This is not just done at random but on special points on the body known to the specialist. The points are located in the hands, arms, legs, feet, the head and on the trunk. In the beginning, one feels a minor pricking sensation, after which comes numbness and tingling.

The patient should not feel any pain. When a person under treatment feels pain, he or she should inform the acupuncturist. The specialist should stop the procedure and choose the points more carefully when he resumes. The needles are usually left in place for a few minutes causing a relaxing feeling. Drowsiness is at times experienced by patients undergoing this treatment.

Consumption of alcohol and heavy meal intake is usually prohibited immediately after the therapeutic procedure. Engaging in strenuous physical activity is also not advised. These activities could stimulate the stress impulses making therapy lose its purpose. The practice of acupuncture Tenafly NJ residents use has enormous medical benefits. Although the prognosis varies, procedure has led to improved management many medical conditions affecting the residents. This goes a long way in bettering health care.

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