Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Buying Bones Bearings Provides Multiple Advantages Obtaining

By Julius Kobrin

The skateboard and long boarding industries have seen huge advancements and innovations since first becoming popular over 30 years ago. Reports estimate that there are over 18 million skateboarders in the world, with some using the boards for recreation and others as transportation, which is why bones bearings are so popular. The primary demographics for skateboard use are males under the age of eighteen.

Since becoming popular in the 1970s, skateboards have remained largely the same as far as their designs go. All skateboards are made up of a few different pieces. These are the deck, truck, wheels, and others.

The size of a skateboard deck varies with make, model, and age of the board itself; however, most modern decks run about 7-10 inches wide and 28-34 inches long. They are commonly covered in what is called grip tape, which is a sandpaper-like tape that is affixed to the board to provide extra grip and traction for riders. Oftentimes, the underside of the deck is painted or otherwise decorated with the makers logo, personal stickers, or other designs.

Based on rider preference, wheels can be had in different sizes. Smaller wheels, while not as great for skating over cracks, give riders a lower gravity center, making the ride easier for most. Bigger wheels have the advantage of skating much more easily over cracks in pavement and cement and they also roll much faster.

For the majority of skateboarders, a smooth ride is their number one desire as it is both safer and more comfortable. To achieve a smooth ride, ball bearing are essential for any skateboard. These are elements which are affixed to the axels which allow the wheels to turn smoothly and without any catch or lag.

Bones bearings do come in a variety of sizes and types, with more expensive brands often being of better quality. While they may seem like an unimportant part overall, they can actually have a huge effect on the overall quality of the ride. They are easily bought through online shops or though most sports or recreation retailers.

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