Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Why Play Tennis In A Group

By Davis Pete

There is always the dilemma of deciding between private or group tennis lessons. There are pros and cons for both. However, I would suggest that one should try both types of lessons out first before deciding on which one would be more suitable in improving your tennis game. Generally, for beginners, it is better to have private lessons as you will be able to learn more and faster. Group lessons can them be used to reinforce the techniques already learned during individual tennis lessons.

Playing and learning tennis in a group allow one to mingle and socialise with other people. This is an important way of getting to know people. Apart from having something in common, learning tennis together can enhance one's self esteem as well. One will also be spurred on by others when learning tennis together.

Learning tennis alone can be boring and lonely. However, if in a group, one can be more encouraged and less lonesome. Learning tennis in a group also spurs one another on. Human beings tend to look and imitate and try to out play each other. The end result is an improved situation for all beginner tennis players.

Everyone enjoys a bit of competition. Learning tennis is also the same whereby one can try to show off a bit more. That is one would like to show that one learn faster and perhaps appear more athletic. It is a normal human response to try to outshine the other person.

There is another advantage adult group tennis lessons have for the beginner who is shifting from a sedentary to an active lifestyle. A private lesson may involve an enormous amount of exercise that the person is not yet physical ready to do. Frankly, because there are a number of people an instructor has to worry about; a beginner will hit fewer balls and run a lot fewer laps in a group class. Later, when that beginner has begun to physically improve, he or she can take more intense and physical lessons.

Following joining a group tennis lesson, the participant would have bonded and could practice with one another in their own time. This will allow better improvements in the student's tennis game.

Group tennis lessons tend to be more affordable on an hourly basis. This is because the coaching cost is spread out across a few students. As such, more people can come to learn the game of tennis.

Learning tennis in a group may be seen as safer as one is surrounded by many people. This is in contrast to private lessons which has only the coach and you. Loneliness and perhaps a sense of self consciousness may set in and this may have a negative mental effect on you learning the game.

Normally, adult group tennis lessons are conducted after hours whereby more people can participate. This could be seen as positive to some but negative to others as the lessons conducted may not be suitable for some, especially adult parents who have to return home to their family. Hence, perhaps, private lessons may be more suitable from a timing point of view.

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