Friday, 4 January 2013

Why Install A CE4 Clearomizer In Your EGO Device

By Maryellen Lamb

When electronic cigarettes first showed up, they were made of three separate components - the rechargeable battery, cartridge and atomizer. However, many of them nowadays only have two components. The tank for the e-juice (cartridge) and the vaporizing element (atomizer) have been combined to form what's known as the cartomizer. An example of this is the CE4 Clearomizer, and it's known to provide different benefits to an electronic cigarette user.

The product is being offered by JoyeTech for use with some EGO devices that it manufactures. The thread found on the cartomizer makes it compatible with the 510, T, C and W EGO electronic cigarettes, working as an upgrade or a replacement for the cartridges a kit includes. By obtaining the necessary adapter, it may also be used with a variable voltage battery.

One of the most obvious benefits offered by the use of this component is the prevention of accidental leakages. Most e-juice contain nicotine which may be absorbed by the skin and potentially cause an overdose. By using a sealed cartomizer like this product, an electronic cigarette user need not worry of such. You can have peace of mind each time no matter if the device is placed in your shirt or pants pocket, or in a bag together with your other important items.

The CE4 Clearomizer has double the capacity of a standard cartomizer. Being able to hold 1.6 ml of e-juice at a time, you can be sure that you can have a sufficient dose of nicotine whenever the craving for it strikes. The large body of this component spares you from the need to constantly do refills, letting you enjoy your vaping life with minimal interruptions.

Using the product on your EGO electronic cigarette enables you to experience trouble-free refilling. When it's nearly out of e-juice, simply unscrew the drip tip to have it replenished. A syringe no longer has to be used, thanks to the size of the tank. After putting back the drip tip in place, allow about a minute to pass before you start using the device again. This lets the e-juice to get to the coil, allowing you enjoy maximum vapor whenever you take a drag.

The manufacturer says that using a cartomizer like its offering helps keep that burnt smell and taste at bay. These issues are usually experienced by those whose electronic cigarettes rely on separate cartridge and atomizer components. With the product's low-resistance feature, sufficient vapor can be produced while keeping the flavor of the e-juice intact.

Users of this product may easily check the amount of remaining e-juice because the body is transparent. This scraps the need to make guesses each time. Now they can refill the cartomizer whenever necessary, preventing damage to the coil.

Aside from this, the transparency of the CE4 Clearomizer also adds style. When installed, whipping out your electronic cigarette from your pocket can make heads turn. This component is available in many different colors such as green, blue, yellow, pink and purple. You may also get it in smoke or entirely clear to give your device a simple yet highly elegant look.

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