Monday, 7 January 2013

Weight Loss Belt

By Don Roone

Tiens Weight loss Belt was made to enable people burn fat and is also functioning according to the concept of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture treatment together with the theories of sports science. Basically, this method utilizes varying oscillating speeds to induce acupressure points on the belly which are usually known to have weight loss and digestion outcomes and advantages. Chinese medical professionals relate to these kinds of acupressure points as the 'Guan Yuan', 'Tian Shu', 'Si Man', 'Shui Fen' and 'Zhong Wan'.

Tiens Slimming Belt is actually controlled by micro-computer; it incorporates the wise control, vibrating massage, heating and magnetic treatment together.

Obesity, or just being overweight, is among the main issues of health people deal with these days. This product is often worn around the stomach, waist, hips, thighs, legs or arms and it helps reduce excess fat by enhancing metabolic process and flow of blood. It tones up tired muscles, gets rid of pains, relieves tension and restores mobility to muscles.

This device helps facilitate the pace of blood circulation, food digestion and activity level in the body, in reducing weight and improve health. Though overweight, of any sort, can be bad for your health, certain fat distribution is very dangerous. For those who have too much belly fat or a potbelly, your health could be at risk. Excess fat around the stomach isn't good for the heart and vascular system. Everybody wants to be fit and healthy, regardless of our age and previous life styles. Lifestyle factors for example absence of physical activity, obesity, high fat diet, stress, tension, alcohol and smoking, destroys the body organs and these lead to illnesses over time.

Making use of Powerful Vibrating massage ball inside, it can vibrate and massage on waist, neck, leg and arms, so it can speed up the recycle of blood, relax the fatigue.

Overweight and obesity are caused by energy imbalance. This involves feeding on lots of calories and not getting enough physical activity. Weighing too much may likely increase your risk of developing a number of health problems. Weight reduction and health work together. The healthier your body, the faster you'll get rid of fat. You can book an appointment with us to have a Health Check done. This evaluates the strength of the 12-cardinal organs in your body (of which the entire digestive system is inclusive).

It can heat the fat, and let the fat burned and enhance the metabolism. There are many health magnets inside our waist belt so the powerful magnetic field which is produced by the magnet can adjust the balance of the body, improve the micro cycle, so your skin will become more bright and beautiful, and your body will become stronger and slim.

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