Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Ways to Trick Your Metabolism To Help Keep Your Weight Loss From Hitting a Plateau

By Wilson Resturbee

If you're like the majority of the people out there, you have tried a number of different diets and had a different degree of successes. You most likely lost a bit of weight, got to a certain point and then, whatever you tried, couldn't lose any more. This plateau that many people hit, is usual with virtually all diet plans. There's a new way of bypassing this plateau by working to trick your metabolism.

You've probably already experienced the plateau problem which will probably have caused you a whole lot of discouragement and ended more than one diet plan. The plateau is a strange event and it happens to even the best dieters when they reach the third or fourth week of their fat loss programs. Until that point the weight seems to come off with no difficulties and then it just ceases and nothing really works to help the body lose more. This is how your body reacts to all of the changes you happen to be forcing upon it. Your body goes into protection mode to stop hunger, so it slows down your rate of metabolism. What this does, then, is stop your body from dropping any more excess weight.

This is what causes people to believe they aren't capable of losing the weight they want, and they stop trying. At this point they go back to eating, and putting on their weight back plus even more than they dropped usually. The best way to stop this is to choose a diet where your calories merely get shifted. What you are trying to do is eat a different number of calories every day, which is supposed to deceive your metabolism. When this works, it stops your body from flicking the switch and going into protective mode. This will keep your metabolism constant instead of slowing down and you're going to lose even more weight. If you get to this point, you will have passed your plateau and your diet will keep working the way it was designed to work.

It is really simple to integrate this type of plan into your everyday routine. Perhaps the most widely used method of calorie cycling is the 14 day method. This program goes for a couple weeks, where you do the regular plan for 11 days, and then 3 days where you eat what you want. Switch your food throughout each day to trick your metabolism and then eat anything you want to keep yourself from getting to the plateau. This actually also keeps you from getting frustrated at a rigid regimen with your eating. Just keep repeating the fourteen days until you've achieved your weight loss targets.

Another popular program is the 2 day plan in which you eat regularly one day and the next day reduce your calories by between twenty and thirty five percent. You do this every two days for as long as it takes you to arrive at your weight loss goals. It's a program that you really should try, since it may be exactly what can get you past your plateau, to where you will lose all the weight you want.

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