Saturday, 5 January 2013

Holistic Life Coach And Healthy Living

By Maryellen Lamb

A holistic life coach is a profession often misunderstood. The term holistic is a term used that encompasses a view in totality with regard to the lifestyle of an individual. Often is the case that individuals who want to improve their lifestyle opt to using the services of this profession.

This line of work takes into perspective different areas of the lifestyle of the individual. Parts of a person life go into making up the totality of his or her life experience. Facets such as productivity in the work place and whether he or she can enhance on this by opting doing short courses that are in sync with his or her character.

These professionals are essentially guides and indicate to a person where there are negative impacts and effects on the individual as a well as the positive ones. It is a science to a certain degree and a study of the lifestyles. Negative impacts that effect one on a daily basis can be due to conflicting relationships with a partner, business colleague, family or friends.

When we discover who we are as individuals this in itself in an enlightening experience. Thoughts of confusion dissipate and we feel more complete and whole. We are then able to experience our daily lives with an enhanced sense of awareness and gain maximum pleasure from it. Life coaching is about learning how we as individuals interact with others.

These lessons are part and parcel of discovering who you are as an individual. The more we understand about who we are and how we play out our lives, the more fulfilling we feel as people as we can now take these lessons forward with us and are aware of the lessons we learnt. These lessons about ourselves are vital in creating better and longer lasting relationships.

A mentor will pin point which relationships are more harmonious as compared to others as it is by producing healthy relationships that enhance the quality of life of an individual or professional person. The coach may delve deeper into those dynamics of the relationship that are enhancing or are acrimonious. These qualities effect overall day to day experiences and knowing what these are and how these dynamics effect the person and how he or she can change these dynamics in a more positive light, lend themselves to an increased enjoyment of life itself.

For instance, should an individual be having a relationship that is not of a mutually respectful give and take nature, then he or she may feel that they are not being appreciated as a person. This is seen often in life where one person in a relationship will tend to go out of their way to do as much as they can for their partner with hope in gaining more love and adoration. This in itself may be a detrimental factor for the latter to live a more self appreciating lifestyle.

Although this may be a very superficial problem, the holistic life coach will guide employee one on how to overcome this problem. Extending this idea a little further, employee number one may be a very undemanding person for various emotional reasons or merely because of the nature of his character. In this scenario the coach will with the employee discover the reasons behind why he is unable to deal with his co worker.

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