Saturday, 1 December 2012

Top Sports Medicine Food Tips

By Gloria Gardner

Athletes should maintain a healthy diet that is usually given credit by many sports medicine Maryland clinics. Because an athlete sweats a lot from engaging in muscle straining activities, calories are easily burned out. There is an appropriate food selection that will ensure an athlete to gain the energy that he or she needs.

As the body sweats, sodium and potassium are also being washed away. Our body needs to have the necessary amount of electrolyte for it maintain a balanced body fluid. These electrolytes can be acquires by eating potatoes, banana, yogurt, and other potassium rich resources. This will alleviate or prevent body cramps and muscle pains.

Strong bone is very necessary for an athletic body. Calcium from milk products is a good source of making bones stronger. Added energy can also be acquired by drinking milk chocolate.

An energy bar in the pocket is the perfect solution of an empty stomach. Because it is not ideal to engage in strenuous activities with a full stomach, eating an energy bar is just enough to provide the necessary energy needed. It is a very handy and convenient energy source.

Energy is very vital in keeping an athletes strength and endurance. Oatmeal, tuna, fruits, and low sugar yogurt are food containing high quality calories. Calories is are the source of energy. Being able to balance the calorie diet will ensure endurance and sustainable body strength.

Whole grain food and organic vegetables are the main source of carbohydrate. The body need carbohydrate for energy. Make sure to at least eat with a maximum amount of two hundred grams calorie value a few hours before exercising.

Practice a good habit of visiting for a sports medicine maryland check up. This is to ensure that the body is healthy inside and out. Drink water and anti oxidant beverages for faster metabolism and to wash out body toxins.

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