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Meal replacements and the advantage of using Protein bar nutrition

By Charly Powers

We often come across some prepackaged forms of drinks or shake that claim to be nutritious substitutes for meal. On that account protein bars make the best replacement when you need instant energy. As a matter of fact protein bar nutrition content is far greater to serve as the replacement for both body builders and people trying to burn excessive calories. Since in both these cases, the primary aim is to cut fats and build lean mass muscle, protein bars can rightly serve the purpose. This little chunk of nutrition can fulfill your daily nutrient requirement and keep away hunger for greater periods of time.

The greatness of protein bars

The intake of meal replacement that has greater content of protein will present countless health benefits. No matter how rich your meals are, it's difficult to have high protein containing foods with substantial levels of vitamins and essential minerals like iron, zinc and magnesium. Moreover, protein bars contain the right composition of nutrients to develop, maintain and repair the cellular structure of bones and muscles. Some of the protein bars have vegetative sources for protein that play a positive role in reducing the risk of heart disease. This is not all about protein bar nutrition.

The importance of calories in protein bars

Ask yourself what is your plan? Do I want to gain weight, lose weight, lose fat and or build muscle. It really doesn't matter what the objective is but what's important is to make sure calorie count of the protein bars you are going to use so that you can realize your goals. You may want to lose weight so make sure your eating snack bars, for snacks instead of meal replacement bars for snacks or same goes the other way, make sure if you're trying to gain weight your eating enough calories with your protein bars and exercising more. If you need to make it even more perfect mix in some other supplements week your meals.

Information about protein bars nutrition

Whether we are considering calories or nutritional value, no two protein bars can be similar. For instance the Clif Builder's bar has around 270 calories where carbohydrates and protein make a greater part of the composition. But this can generally be classified as a sugar-laden bar. A pure form of protein bar comprises of around 280 calories with 29 g of protein and 24 g of carbohydrates but this one has a drawback that it lacks fiber. However, there is a detour protein bar that lies somewhere between these two types serving 170 calories per bar.

One other thing to consider

If you are searching for meal replacement protein bars in the market, you can also mull over the option of making one yourself. You will have the advantage of using wholesome ingredients in that approach. But for those who want to stick to exact caloric count and nutritional value, then the protein bar could serve as the best dietary supplement. In any case, it is wise to consult a nutritionist for approval to use a protein bar as a replacement in any of your meal plans.

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