Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Will Eating Late Night Carbs Cause You To Put On Weight?

By Russ Howe-P.t.i.

If you have been looking online for information on how to lose weight you may have stumbled across the theory that eating carbohydrates late at night is a bad move for effective fat loss. Today we will look at this theory and help you to determine fact from fiction.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for many gym users trying to shed a few unwanted pounds is the sheer level of confusion surrounding the gym. People are constantly being told contradicting information and, usually, this leads them to deem weight loss as 'too difficult' so they simply quit.

Despite all of the different approaches and the massive confusion out there, the basic principles of a successful diet are the same as they were two decades ago.

In a business with so many supplements and workout plans on the market, it is easy to see why people get lost so frequently. Everybody claims to have 'the big secret formula', of course.

Thanks to the rise of celebrity culture over the last ten years, there has been a rise in the belief that carbohydrates are your enemy if you are trying to lose body fat. This has led to many ill-fated carb cutting diets to hit the scene, creating countless yo-yo dieters in the process. This belief stems from that culture. Can your body tell when the time is when you eat a meal?

Of course not. This myth is a generalization which has been taken slightly out of context and, as a net result, has misled a whole generation of dieters into believing they must starve their body after a certain time of day even if they are hungry.

Let's take a look at the actual research in this area.

In a series of tests, scientists allowed two separate groups of people to consume the same amount of carbohydrates throughout a 24 hour period. The only difference being, however, that the group of people who ate their carb intake around physical activity stored considerably less fat.

How does that explain or debunk this myth?

The 'no carbs after 7 pm' fascination was first created by gossip magazines directing readers to the latest quick fix method to lose fat. Their core audience, of course, are secretaries and office workers. The majority of that audience doesn't exercise regularly, hence looking for a quick fix solution to their fitness problems. They also tend to work 9-5 jobs.

The masses who buy these magazines tend to fit their generalization of what an office worker does with their evening. However, most people are not like this. It would be ridiculous to work through a twelve hour day and then refuse to provide your body with some nutrients simply because of what time the clock said.

There is nothing wrong with eating carbs after a certain time of day. There is no scientific research to suggest or prove otherwise. It is up to the individual to determine when their biggest period of inactivity occurs during a day and then structure their carb intake around that accordingly.

So how do you use this to your advantage?

Be sure to fit your main carbohydrate intake around your most hectic point in the day. It's that simple. Your body will then be able to store less and use more. This also works for those who wish to get bigger but don't know how to build muscle. Carbohydrates are a fantastic nutrient if used correctly in your diet.

This myth is very common throughout the world now. Almost everybody who wants to know how to lose weight has encountered somebody giving them instructions on never to eat carbs after a certain time of day. Now you know the facts, you will be able to structure your nutrition far more effectively throughout your day.

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