Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner

By Don Roone

The appropriate umbrella for a healthy lifestyle has brought huge progress in civilization which has satisfied many of our materialistic desires though have also brought lots of health hazards. Our company's daily supply of fresh fruits, vegetables, rice, meat and seafood are loaded with pesticides, chemical fertilizers, hormone residues and many other hazardous substances are undetectable in the short term. These types of chemicals can nevertheless destroy our body in the long run, and also the negative effects may even be passed down to the next generation. The smell of formaldehyde in a refurbished home, bacterial growth in cutlery, milk bottles, toys, bras and underwear etc. all are designed to undermine our health. The Real question is what can we do to improve it?

Natural bactericidal agent

Ozone (O3) is a potent natural oxidizing agent. It can kill bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms via oxidation that destroys their membrane structure. Dissolved ozone is even more potent. Water, food and utensils treated with ozone are absolutely devoid of harmful organisms. Its bactericidal power is more superior to other sterilizing agents.

Tiens Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner, its unique formula and hi-tech production prevent electromagnetic interference to ensure greater product stability and better ozone output. It reduces bacterial growth effectively to give cleaner as well as purer air in the office and also at home. In addition, it removes pesticides on vegetables and fruits, disintegrates hormone residues in meat and seafood, kills germs, bleaches and cleans away stubborn dirt, keeps food fresh, purifies water and so on to enhance healthy living. It is a useful and also versatile item in modern homes and offices.

Technical benefits

A.CE Certification B.3 patents: Outer design, structural design and circuit protection design C. Tested and certified by national authorities

Features and Application:

1. It eliminates pesticides on fruit and vegetables and hormonal residues in meat and seafood. 2. It destroys bacteria and keeps food longer 3. It sterilizes utensils, milk bottles, bathroom towels and clothing. Direction for use: Just place the items in the water container and ozonize for 10-20 minutes. 4. It strengthens the body Wash your face, feet with ozonized water or perhaps bathe in it to keep away germs, viruses and fungus infection. It will also enhance circulation of blood and metabolism for better healthcare and skincare. 5. It purifies air Instruction for use: Shut all entry doors and windows. Turn on the ozonizer and let it run for 30 minutes, and then switch it off. Open the windows and doors for quarter of an hour. 6. Additional advantages It removes bad odors in the refrigerator. It sterilizes the aquarium, raises its o2 content and keeps the fish healthy.

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