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Find The Best Dentist In Portland

By Amber Winters

When meeting someone new, one of the most interesting things about them is their smile. Being aware of the benefits of good oral hygiene is vital if that winning smile is going to be achieved. Unfortunately, there are several dental linked problems that can arise, however, a number of excellent solutions are available. These options will assist in preventing additional damage, and should you be interested in a dentist in Portland, highly qualified practitioners are available.

A person has 2 sets of teeth during their lifetime. The first set, known as baby teeth, should all be in place by the age of 3. The permanent teeth will begin to grow at about the age of seven, and except for wisdom teeth, are all present between the ages of 12 and 14. Wisdom teeth normally begin to come through after the age 17, and this makes a total number of 32 permanent teeth.

Once the permanent teeth are through, they have to last a lifetime. Regular check-ups by a qualified dentist can help to keep them healthy. Gum disease is one of the most common causes of tooth loss, especially in older people. Any sign of bleeding gums, which may also appear to be red and swollen, need immediate attention, to avoid the disease progressing further.

When teeth need to be repaired because of decay, a composite fillings can be carried out. This requires the dentist to first prepare the surface of the tooth, so that the filling may be applied. These cosmetic fillings are the color of the person's own teeth, which makes them easier to blend in than the silver colored alternatives, that can also be used.

Composite fillings are especially useful when being used to repair teeth which will be seen most frequently. As with all dental repair work, composite fillings will not last forever, and at sometime in the future may need to be replaced. However, they are very durable and will certainly enhance anyone's smile as well as boosting confidence.

Another common treatment is when a tooth is crowned or capped. This happens when a tooth has become badly damaged, and can't be restored through a simple filling. The crowns are made from a white porcelain, and fitted onto the base of the tooth after a mold has been taken to determine the shape and size required.

A cosmetic procedure to whiten the teeth is also available. This allows the enamel to be brightened, by daily applying an appropriate cleaning solution in a custom fitted tray, which goes over the teeth. This is a straight forward process to complete, and is usually done at home, using the equipment provided by the dentist.

Many of the dental procedures that are now available can greatly improve the appearance of someone's face. Social confidence can be vastly increased by this, as well as achieving good oral hygiene. If you are looking for a dentist in Portland, the contact details of some of the best, are available on the internet.

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