Thursday, 13 December 2012

A Review of Three Common Weight-loss DVDs

By Lucie Mazzola

I am going to review three popular exercise DVDs and discover why they are becoming quite popular recently, and will they deliver the results?

Zumba Review

One of the best ways to stay in shape and lose those extra pounds is by following a workout DVD. These are perfect for those who prefer to perform them on their own timetable whilst keeping the seclusion of their own home to do so. Then another plus side is that you save money by not having to hire a personal trainer as well. The Zumba fitness DVD is actually an interesting kind of infusing dance routines into a aerobic exercise training program.

Is the Zumbaa DVD Worth it?

The Zumba workout is designed for those of us who like to dance and have fun instead of strictly exercising. It is great to do alone or in a group of people as can be found in 100's of fitness centers. Zumba is effective in helping people to lose weight and tone up due to its high intensity.

The Zumba workout DVD is still good to have for those who want an interesting twist on working out, and even good for those who are tired of just doing the same old running routine every day of the week. You can also challenge yourself by adding on weighted wrist and leg bands as well, which is going to get your muscles more powerful in the process of everything.

Overall the Zumba DVD is a great purchase. The DVD isn't that costly and you can in fact reap the benefits of it also, opposed to those which do nothing for you.

Insanity Workout Review

Quite a few Insanity Workout reviews that you stumble upon will probably be biased and actually advertising for the system. This is not a statement that it is a bad workout DVD, but just a warning to actually read through reviews that provide the good and bad points of the Insanity Workout.

Is the Insanity Workout Worth Buying?

The Insanity Workout could be a great fitness workout program for those who need to have somebody actually pushing them into working out, and not to mention it is much cheaper than a personal trainer. What you will be doing with this DVD is performing high intensity cardio training. The training is meant to be performed with hardly any break time and a lot of training time, which is an opposite in relation to gym workouts.

The good part about this workout is you will see benefits as long as you follow the instructions and workout routinely. Weight loss really can take place as a result of volume of sweat that is going to be pouring out of the body. Another good factor is that you get a diet regime that shows you what foods will nourish your muscles.

Having said that, one problem with the Insanity Workout is that you can get an understanding of what they are doing, and then make your own exercise training plan in which you complete consecutive with virtually no rests. That means you pretty much do not need the DVD at all unless you are a person who needs somebody to actually push them into training.

The Insanity Workout overall is a good DVD to purchase and tryout. You can generally lose weight fairly fast initially.

P90X Review

P90x is considered the most popular of the three major DVDs and it has also been around the longest. Their is benefit to be gained from using P90x. A good diet program, with some supplements included, can be a useful addition to the workout plans.

Overall the P90X is good for people starting out who need a push, but that is just for those who want the DVD's only. Go out and purchase the equipment separately to save money.

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