Friday, 21 December 2012

Kettlebells: Could Jellyfish Use Them To Become Stronger?

By Rob Sutter

Jellyfish have no skeleton. Scientists have shown us that they have no bone frame and that they are a heap of soft cells. I want to know if a jellyfish, if it were injected with human stem cells, would be able to follow training with kettlebells? I can imagine a hybrid creature developing with bones and human features, being able to do such a workout.

If I was a squishy being with no bone structure and I generated some sort of skeleton, the first thing I would do is a workout concerning these distinctive weights. This form of training is severe and it takes a good set of bones to do any kind of kettlebell training. This would be an vast feat for a jellyfish, in my mind. Perhaps if we get to a point where science is this strong, such an occurrence may be possible.

Training with kettlebells is vital for muscle definition and for cartilage strength. If a jellyfish ever wanted to prove him or herself, then this method of training is the way to go. I think it would take a lot of courage to carry out such a workout if you never had bones before. You might snap these new bones and feel incredible pain! This sort of workout could be dangerous to a newly skeletal jelly fish but perhaps fitness authorities like Lorna could help.

This type of exercise has been around for seemingly ever but it's safe to say the jellyfish has been in existence for much longer. I believe that such a creature is so strong that it could build bone structure and conduct kettlebell exercises in practically no time at all. The abilities that this creature has are quite stunning. If these weights were put to use, then I'm sure the body of that creature would become stronger in due time.

Jellyfish are almost unadulterated muscle. If a jellyfish ever grew a spine and performed a kettlebell workout, I think they would be a rising sun in the destruction of the human race. I sure hope that a jellyfish never comes across this kind of workout program. I wouldn't want to be a slave to the new jellyfish command. I know they would whip me with those electrical tentacles while they are doing these types of training workouts.

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