Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Low Carb Diet Tips

By James Steele

More people are carb conscious due to the popularity of the Atkins diet and South Beach. Many people blame their weight problems on carbohydrates. However, it's important to realize that not all carbs are bad. Good carbs do exist. There is a reason athletes often eat carbohydrate rich foods before they have to perform. Good carbs are an excellent source of energy. It is not healthy to cut all carbohydrates out of your diet, despite what the Atkins books say. The key to eating healthy is to eat a low amount of good carbs. These tips can help you learn how to do that.

Opt for foods that have a vegetable base. Vegetables are low in carbs. This is useful advice for when you go out to eat. Select your side dishes that are vegetable based. Many side dishes are higher in calories and contains foods that are filled with carbs. For instance, steamed veggies are a perfect selection for a side dish. They can also be considered good snacks. One of the most difficult aspects of eating a low carb diet is picking good snacks. Carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower will make excellent carb free snacks. If there are any carbs found in these vegetables, then the levels are extremely low.

Salads can be loaded with fruits vegetables and in some cases, meat. These are all foods that are low in carbs and quite tasty. Bon appetit! Continue your persuit of a natural food diet. Those who have the roughest time handling a low carb diet are typically people who try the "pre-packaged" alternatives. Although they claim to be good, Splenda, and those low carb bars are not good. These should never be used as an alternative to a healthy low carb solution. These often only make your cravings worse. Natural foods are the only way to cure those carb cravings. Low carb bars try to trick your mind but they do very little for your body. Peanuts, the way to go for curbing the candy bar craving. It's like having a Payday bar without the goo.

Another easy way to cut down on carbs is to use a bowl instead of a tortilla. A few extra dishes are worth being able to cut down on your carb intake. Your favorite dishes, like fajitas and breakfast burritos, will still be as delicious when served from a bowl or plate. Simply cook everything the same way that you would cook it if it were going to be put into a tortilla and then...don't use the tortilla.

Quesadilla or similar dishes are the only ones that this won't work for. Nobody would consider a bowl of melted cheese an appetizing meal.

Many people assume that a low carb diet means eating boring food. It's also assumed that they will have to give up the snacks and other foods that they love. But honestly, a low carb diet isn't that different from eating a well balanced diet. You would be surprised by how many low carb alternatives there are to high carb foods. You may be happy to discover that eating low carb won't affect your life much at all. Use these tips to help you make the transition to low carb even easier.

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