Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Ways that Pain May be Keeping Your from Your Fitness Goals

By Vito La Fata

You ever wonder why a lot of people struggle with losing fat, getting strong, and having a good body? These are all pretty common problems and typical frustrations we hear on a daily basis. But, what is the common denominator? What is the limiting factor to all this? In a word - pain.

If you have a lot of small aches and pains and twinges in your body, it may prevent you from really committing to forming a consistent exercise program that will bring you the results that you want. But if we take it a step further, we can look at how being in pain will prevent you from burning fat and getting strong muscles.

Why does pain keep you from burning fat the way you want? Simply put, because if you are in pain you can't workout hard. And if you can't workout hard, you do not burn a lot of calories. If you do not burn a lot of calories you do not burn fat. It is math. A little walk works for about 3 to 4 weeks before it no longer has an effect on burning fat.

Do you see a lot of fit people who just say, "All I do is walk?" Absolutely not, because it is just not enough to achieve maximum fat loss, especially considering the amount of calories this society takes in. So less pain equals more movement, more movement equals more calories burned, more calories burned equals less fat taking up the space between the clothes you want to wear and your skin. You see, simple.

Now, how does pain affect how strong you are, hence your ability to burn fat? Again, very simple facts, if you are in pain, you have to work out light, if you have to work out light that means you lift baby weights, and lifting baby weights isn't going to put that nice lean muscle on your body that helps you burn calories all day long, so you have the belly you want.

So, what is the answer? Start training harder! Pick heavier weights and start working out for longer periods of time. Find a trainer who can help you start conditioning your body to get strong and you can say good bye to pain!

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