Thursday, 27 December 2012

Westcott Scissors Keep Kids Safe From Harm

By Elinor Tran

Arts and crafts are beneficial for growing children. These activities help develop their eye-hand coordination. They are also allowed to hone their creative skills. Westcott scissors are especially suitable for kids when it comes to cutting various crafting materials because they offer some very important protective features.

In school, children tend to share what they have. This is a great opportunity for germs to spread from one unsuspecting student to another. Invisible to the naked eye, these microorganisms can rapidly spread and cause all sorts of health problems. Good thing that there is Microban around, a patented technology that offers protection.

This is an antimicrobial feature that is completely infused into the product, so it lasts for good. It's an effective way to inhibit the growth of bacteria which comes into contact with these cutting instruments. Something like this surely comes in handy for products that are shared around the school or home.

Sharp objects are dangerous for little ones, most especially when adults aren't around supervising them. Fortunately, variants with blunt tips are available to ensure the safety of your child. There are also non-stick blades around. These tools allow children to work trouble-free with messy crafting materials like adhesive tape or glue.

Colors and patterns come aplenty, letting kids find arts and crafts even more exciting. Both the handles and blades are printed with designs, making every part really pleasing to look at. They balance well when being used and they are lightweight. Whether left- or right-handed, kids won't have trouble using them.

Westcott scissors offer that extra protection little ones need, thanks to the Microban feature which keeps germs from spreading. These cutting instruments are perfect for use at school and at home. With them around, children can dabble in fun and rewarding crafting activities, while teachers and parents can have peace of mind.

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