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Learning more info hcg weight loss injections & nasal sprayer

By Jon F Greene

In deciding to change your life by undertaking the hCG diet, you must now decide what form or what protocol you will use. Will it be hCG injections or nasal spray? Going on a low calorie diet for so many days is a serious pursuit and it is important to choose the right product, Certainly the best product available.

Comparing the two to find out what is a better choice between hCG injection and hCG nasal spray, think about the proverbial mousetrap. The entire world is always trying to build a better mousetrap. There is nothing wrong with that unless the builders are trying to take a short cut. Then the mousetrap is not any better, it is different, and certainly less than the best.

The protocol was developed by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, who while working in a third world country, noticed that poorly nourished mothers delivered infants who were healthy. His studies led him to understand that a hormone call human Chorionic Gonadotropin was responsible for this phenomenon.

The protocol developed by the Doctor is practically the same today. However, advances in medicine or science precipitate some minor differences. HCG injections are the best method of delivery because the injection allows the hormone to be released directly into the blood stream. When nasal sprays are used, the hCG also is released into the bloodstream, only at a substantially lower rate. Logic determines that if something has been effective for over 50 years, why would someone change to something that is only half as effective.

When we compare human Chorionic Gonadotropin injections versus nasal spray, the first thing that stands out is the protocol. Nasal spray levels and body absorption of hCG via nasal passages is noticeably decreased from the protocol for hCG injection. The hCG injection protocol is around 23-28 days, depending on the specifics of your protocol. However, for nasal spray, the protocol is on a 44-day cycle.

There are also slight increases in reported side effects with nasal sprays that have not been reported with the same regularity in hCG injections. Those using nasal sprays seem to report higher incidence disorientation, mild headaches, and increased urination.

Every single hCG injection is manufactured according to pharmaceutical specifications. Batches and lots are recorded and quality controlled. The dosages are exact and they are prescribed exactly as your doctor deems necessary for you. Dosages can vary based upon body types, metabolism and overall physical condition.

The injections are the original system of administration of the hormone as proposed by Dr. Simeons. His intent, through scientific study was to administer the exact amount necessary to relieve side effects as well as to create a condition in which the body processes are modified to bring about rapid and healthy weight loss. There is no basis to extend that process for an extra length of time as is necessary with nasal spray.

In summary, hCG injection are the safest and healthiest way to obtain rapid and significant weight loss. The process is not a magic bullet. The key to your success is to follow through and stay true to the process. However, once you start shedding significant pounds, you will be inspired to reach your goal.

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