Sunday, 30 December 2012

Weight Training and Body Sculpting Tips for Pregnant Women

By Daphine Swagerty

Many doctors today recommend that pregnant women stay active within certain limits. Maintaining activity will not only help you stay as fit as possible but it can also improve your baby's health. You will also find it easier to return to your normal weight after the baby is born. If you include weight training in your prenatal exercise routine, you get even more benefits. The following are some effective tips to keep in mind for weight training and sculpting your body when you are pregnant.

A common issue among women is postpartum depression but there is evidence to support the fact that regular exercise is one of the best forms of treatment and prevention. Thus, when you exercise during your pregnancy, the chances of you succumbing to depression later on are much smaller. The exact reason for this isn't known, but scientists and researchers are finding more and more evidence that exercise has a beneficial effect on brain chemistry. You will find that your overall emotional and physical wellbeing will dramatically improve if you exercise consistently during your pregnancy because it will make life easier after you give birth when you are trying to get back to your pre-pregnancy body.

Hydration is known to be essential during workout sessions, but it is even more important for pregnant women. You should have a small snack before exercising because you shouldn't do it on an empty stomach. It is vital that you are properly nourished at all times, as your body needs to maintain its natural balance.

How often should I exercise? This is a very common question. There are several factors to consider when answering this question and your doctor can help you figure out the best answer for you. Your fitness level and exercise habits before pregnancy are a large factor. For example, if you didn't exercise before your pregnancy, now is not a good time to start a vigorous workout program. However, if you exercised consistently before, you may only need to modify your regular workout. While you need to consider how you feel, a good routine would be three workouts a week that combine light stretching, cardio, and strength training.

"How far into the pregnancy can I exercise?" is a common question for many women. This will vary from one woman to another, and you should ask your doctor. But typically, doctors will recommend limiting or stopping your workouts by the last month of your pregnancy. It will become more difficult to walk around and you wouldn't want to strain yourself with extra movements during that point of time. You will be able to exercise well into your pregnancy, though, and the exact time to stop will depend on many factors. You don't want to force yourself to do anything that feels unnatural, so your best guideline will be how you feel in addition to your doctor's recommendations. Exercising during pregnancy is perfectly safe as long as you follow some basic precautions. In addition to helping you feel better, exercise can even help with some of your pregnancy difficulties like water retention and insomnia. Work with your doctor to design a workout routine to keep you as healthy and fit as possible during your pregnancy and you will find it easier to return to your pre-pregnancy weight after the baby is born.

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