Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Effective And Fast Weight Loss Tips

By Howe Russ

There are two types of people who are lost in the gym. Those who are trying to work out how to build muscle more effectively and those desperately struggling to figure out how to lose weight. What you will find today is the solution for the latter group as we unearth the five proven rules of simple fat loss.

There are no if's or maybe's when it comes to the five steps shown in today's post. To put it bluntly, they simply do the job every time.

Let's get started!

Lay these rules at the foundation of your diet regime from now on and you will enjoy continued, long lasting success with your physique.

1) Get To Know Your Calories

2) Know When To Increase Protein

3) Protein Foods Make Better Snacks

4) Pack Snack Tubs With Your Lunch

5) Enjoy Your Favorite Foods On A Designated Day Off

While some of the rules above probably make perfect sense right away, I'm sure there are a few in there which may cause confusion so now we'll go through each one and explain how to implement them. The top rules focuses on your calorie intake. Be sure that if you want to lose fat or drop body weight you will need to establish your current daily calorie intake and begin operating on less calories per day.

If you've known anyone do the Atkins diet or any other quick fix course you'll know what we mean by rule number two. When we cut down carbohydrates we often forget that if you don't simultaneously increase your protein intake your body will burn muscle instead of fat each time you exercise or each time it simply needs fuel.

Rules three and four cover snacking. The most common reason for people failing time and time again when it comes to weight loss is their inability to stop snacking through boredom. Usually, hunger strikes when you're at work and don't have any healthy food around you.

Protein has the least impact on fat storage, so if you want a snack it makes sense to shoot for a piece of chicken, tuna or even a protein sports supplement. Take a few small snack tubs alongside your packed lunch and stock them with some protein rich choices for you throughout the day. Never again will you see your reflection in the vending machine glass. You'll also store considerably less body fat by snacking with protein instead of carbohydrates or fats, so these two rules yield great returns particularly for those who work in offices.

After you've dieted all week the last thing you'd probably want to do is to take a day off, right? Dismiss the fear that you can undo a great week's work with one simple day. Remember, there is a big difference between a cheat day and Christmas day. By enjoying a day off you'll curb any temptations. Enjoy your favorite junk food if you want to, it won't derail your efforts in the bigger picture and it will actually help you stick to your plan far longer than you may ever have in the past.

So if you fall into the group of people desperately trying to figure out how to lose weight effectively you now have a strong foothold to get moving from. If you're trying to learn how to build muscle we'll have another post for you coming up soon.

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