Friday, 14 December 2012

Effecting A Switch From A Shortboard To A Sector 9 Longboard

By Charles McClay

With the popularity of skateboarding over the years, it comes as no surprise that technologies have changed. The Sector 9 Longboard is one example of how traditional skating has evolved to include the newer style and preferences of the sport's enthusiasts. With such a great board there is no concern about trying out a new segment of skating.

A longer wheelbase on a board smooths out the ride and delivers the excitement of racing down an incline like no other. Freedom, often described as the sensation of feeling the wind on your face and the rumbling road beneath your feet, has never been closer at hand. The longer board hugs the road and allows a combniation of agility and speed to send you on your way.

Skating is a social sport and never more enjoyable than when friends are included. With a longer board the style of skating changes and new terrain is conquered. Gone are the concrete skate parks, staircases and metal railings to grind, all exchanged for the open road and undulating terrain soon to be discovered with a pack of friends.

Getting to work just gets easier and more healthy when skating. A longer board is still comfortable to ride even with a longer commute and is the greenest option out there. The board takes up less space and is much more easily transported than a bicycle if the commute requires buses or subways.

A change in equipment also brings the opportunity to learn new skills. The longer boards used in this style of skating are suited to different competitive events such as downhill and slalom street course activities. The tricks and techniques involved in these events are developed through practice and innovation. Since the sport is still quite young, there are many tricks and techniques still to be developed.

A longer board also provides a great opportunity for cross-training. Surfers, windsurfers and snowboarders can all use the board to keep in shape and practice their techniques. The board is a versatile and adaptable training tool that does not need anything more than road to roll on in order to be practicable.

There's nothing wrong with tradition, but as skating evolves, so do the technologies used in the sport. A Sector 9 Longboard is just one example of how change in skating can be a great thing. Switching over to a longer board is a great way to re-invigorate the activity and find new levels of fun and excitement in skating.

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